Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hero Quest

Hero Quest - the game that started me on my war-gaming journey.  When I was ten years old I received a copy of this game for Christmas, my folks were quite poor but they saved for this game (my sole present) after an inordinate amount of nagging and advertising.

I don't know why games like this aren't produced anymore, (don't say computer games - that's not an argument as us tabletop/board gamers would all just play computer games and not tabletop games if that was the case!) they are the perfect gateway to tabletop war gaming for young children.  I thought it would have been in Games Workshops best interests to continue to support games such as these?  As I understand it Milton-Bradley (in conjunction with GW) who owned the rights to Hero Quest was bought out by Hasbro.  I wrote to Hasbro NZ about 4 months ago inquiring as to whether they would produce Hero Quest (HQ) in the future - I have not yet received a reply.  perhaps I'll write them a follow up soon...

Now 20 years later - after losing all my initial HQ due to moving about during my late teens/early 20's I have now put together a complete collection of the original box sets.  At the moment my girlfriend, flat-mate and me are working our way through the complete storyline every Sunday night.  Currently we are still on the initial quest book.

My complete collection...

About to start the "Castle of Mystery"

Castle of Mystery further in...the dwarf Markus meets a horrible end for being a greedy...well...dwarf.

The "Bastion of Chaos" one of my favourites from the original quest book...

If anyone else wants further HQ resources I thoroughly recommend the site

This site also enables you to download a small programme so you can design your own quests/campaigns!

Coming up I'll be blogging about a day of warhammer that was held at my house, just a brief overview as my mate J.B will do some more extensive coverage on NZ Hammered.

That's it for now - long live Hero Quest!


  1. nice Rory...

    oh and followers list? you going to add that to the blog?

  2. You dick. I am insane with jealousy at your Heroquest collection!

    If I am not mistaken your wallpaper is made up of codpieces...intriguing...

    Great post my first was kind of similar to this but it was definitely Heroquest that got me into miniature gaming.

    1. Ha ha yeah....I've noticed that there's been a bit of a renaissance with Hero Quest in the last 6 months, much of my collection was purchased before then....I think my best steal would have to be buying a complete HQ base set an a complete Wizards of Morcar (but without box)off a south island dad for $36. He was selling off all his sons shit as he was over seas....I had a small crisis of consciousness, almost told him what wizards of morcar was worth....then I was like naaaahhh, it'll be going to a good home!
      Yes it's Henry the VIII codpiece (nice spotting) it fits in with my double entendre blog title nicely!

    2. LOL I would have done the same! What a steal!

      Keep up the cool posts!

      BTW you in AKL?

    3. Yep in Aucks, how about yourself? Thanks for the kind words....I plan to blog at least 2 or 3 times per week after 20+ years of gaming you end having a lot to talk about!

    4. Dunedin but the wife plans a big move soon eeeeek.

      Too true I try once a month and have gone a bit over that so this year I think I'll hit my stride!