Monday, 24 December 2012

Acetone paint stripping (not as scary as it sounds!)

Merry Xmas nerds.

Just a follow up to yesterdays blog on paint removal.  Simple Green seems to struggle a bit with enamel paints or enamel based mat black enamel under-coats.

After a little experimentation I've worked out a great solution to these stubborn paints. 5:1 ratio of acetone nail polish remover to water.  Mix together in a glass jar, leave the miniature in for 10 minutes, then remove mini (with kitchen gloves) then scrub off with soft bristled tooth brush (comes off like mozzarella cheese).

The nail polish remover I used is manufactured by Multichem NZ (New Zealand company so good to support) it's available in pretty much every pharmacy for about 5 bucks.

This says acetone free, but you definitely want the acetone (same bottle).
 Make sure you use in a well ventilated area and if you're unco use some safety goggles.

Couldn't believe the results!  So quick and fast with no damage to the miniature (plastic mini), haven't tried it on resin but some one should give it a go and let us know.

Currently limping around like an old man with a sore back....hopefully it gets better soon so I can hunch over a painting desk!

Happy Jesus' Birthday!


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    1. Hey Shanna,
      I have no experience with lead based paint but I'd recommend that you stay well away from that product as it's nasty stuff!
      Take care!

  2. Nice Solution Mr.. Roriusmaximus ...!! can it's really works?

    Lead paint removal

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