Sunday, 23 December 2012

New gaming blog (and a bit of Epic).

Hi folks,
My name is Rory and I thought I'd jump on the blogging band wagon.  This blog is going to be a general wargaming/board games blog.

There will be plenty of commentary in the new year on forthcoming tournaments in New Zealand, laden with my tongue-in-check style...if you have a problem with that then a suggest you fuck off and don't read this blog.

However I thought I'd make Epic 40,000 the subject of this post.  Currently my friend J.B and me are in the process of putting together Epic armies.  We are going to try the NetEpic rules (that I happen to be a big fan of) as many of the few Epic gamers left in this country tend to play this rules format....

Below are some pics of my ork army in progress.....if you are an Epic gamer in the Auckland region please post below or link to any stuff you may have done.

Bad Moon Boyz

Recently stripped models using Simple Green

Da boyz ar dun!

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  1. Actually if you're any where in the world you're more than welcome to post a link! Sorry!