Sunday, 23 December 2012

Simple Green - Simply magnificent

Hey folks I thought I'd share some information on a product called Simple Green.  Quite a few of my gaming buddies use the product to strip old paint off unloved miniatures.  It purports to be non-toxic and bio-degradable which is fantastic in case you accidentally spill any on your skin.

The great thing about Simple Green is that it does not melt or damage plastic mini's.  I have just recently stripped some old stands of Epic orks with no damage to the detail or integrity of the miniatures.

I usually soak the mini's I want to strip for 24 -72 hours (depending on the stubbornness of the paint) however as little as 1 hour may be long enough for some paint jobs.  I remove any residue with a soft bristled tooth brush.

Simple Green is available from Bunnings Warehouse and Mitre 10 Mega for around $6.70 for close to a litre.  The great thing about this product is that you can use it again and again (except that it turns into a paint sludge - gross).

I hope this helps anyone who hasn't heard of this product and if there are folks out there who use another product that they feel is superior please post below and let me know.


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