Wednesday, 18 December 2013

First casting of entire Epic miniature....

Last night I sat down to cast my first full Epic vehicle miniature. Previously I have only cast bits or tiny little infantry pieces.
I used my new resin that I had purchased recently from the Fibreglass Shop in Hamilton - conveniently the new bottles had "shake well" written on top. Shaking the mixture made a massive difference to my casts! You may think why didn't you shake them any way - well, I was worried about air bubbles in the mix previously.
The mini's I picked to cast were the open-topped Ork truks. They are actually quite difficult as they have many varied angles - so it was hard to set them in the initial mold.
The casts were 95% successful, so I'm pretty happy about that.

Here they are....

That's all for now folks....until next time!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Epic game of Epic vs Chris J at the City Guard Club (Auckland)

Here's some shot's of our game. They will be narrated below the photo's. The game was truncated and had to finish before it reached the deciding moment (a group was using the hall after so we had to leave). Twas a shame because the game was in the balance the whole way through!

My Orks - Kult of Speed on my right, Bad Moonz in the centre and Evil Sunz to the left in their battle wagons protected by the dragster.

Khorne Chaos forces!

Evil thunderhawk unloads Beserkers onto the unsuspecting Kult of speed - doom diver magna cannon had a crack at it but missed (got it turn 2 though!).

Evil Sunz snatch another objective. Nobz protected by the deflector shield.

Lord of battle and the traitor Russ' can't get any shots through the shield!

Close up of the forest combat.

Warbuggies take a beating!!

Evil Sunz maneuvering around the objective to take up firing positions.

Weird Boy tower survives two shots from the Russ' needing 6's to save! Then unleashes hell on them in return (over 26 psychic points!) wiping them out.

Mekboy Gargant after blowing up a whole squad of Juggers goes in to rescue the objective from the Beserkers!

Juggers on the hunt.

Traitor Shadowsword in the distance cracking off shots.

Beastmen assualt the Evil Sunz - the big combat that never happened because we had to leave!

Badmoonz assuault the centre objective with the Chaos marine squad that had been decimated earlier on. This combat was never completed either :(

Mekboy Gargant hanging onto the objective....

Weird Boy tower valiantly hides in the last turn

Stompers out of range the whole game look longingly towards the Lord of Battle - next time!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

2013 New Zealand Warhammer Masters Predictions*

It started sometime in the summer of 1992.  Before that summertime however, Graeme and I were "enemies" earlier on in primary school - perhaps it was our strong personalities, developing in their own way.  I use "enemies" in a way that only children oft do, when they are actually finding, no, discovering their best friend and testing boundaries.  Graeme and I had a very liberal teacher that year, her name was Joanne Lee. She used to indulge our "education" time reading to the class from my "Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe". When Mrs Lee wasn't reading Gothic literature, she was permissively letting us explore the brutality of the Christian crusades, a project that Gray and I eventually worked on together or, alternatively, letting Graeme just sit and paint all day whilst I wrote stories about lasers melting flesh off peoples faces. Funnily enough in the time when we didn't really like each other, Gray painted a picture of a tiger, vivid orange and black stripped menacing across a field - a portent of talent to come, and my earliest memory of thinking that Graeme wasn't a complete egg after all. In this time our imaginations were boundless, a true voyage of discovery. And the smells! Sweet grass, Penny-royal crushed underfoot and the rain on asphalt, always seemed heightened when I was younger. Rain beating against the classroom window, we would look out over the fields to the forest we nick-named "Mirkwood", and tell each other stories of what we saw, or thought we saw lurking in the forest. The olfactory, aural and visual senses combined with the surrounding landscape of undulating hills and copses of trees nestled into valleys served to heighten the atmosphere - brooding, heavy yet magical other-worldliness. Simply "imagination on steroids"!

In this environment (that I have only briefly touched on!) we discovered our love for games and gaming. Tucked into our own corner of the classroom we'd discuss the Lord of the Rings, HeroQuest, adventuring, bow and arrow making and the finer art of joey-guns (my specialty). I think the first (or perhaps second) ice-breaker moment we had in our friendship was playing HeroQuest (which I had received Christmas '91), that was soon to be followed by a Gamesworkshop catalogue (an actual catalogue - not the White Dwarf!) that we pawed through mercilessly for a week before Graeme's dad took us to the old Pendragon Games on Queen Street. The one that had stairs down into the shop, giving it a dungeon-esque feel, unlike its last location in the mall/arcade that was eventually sunk by a GW shop that opened downstairs.
As our friendship grew so did our love for gaming and our imaginations expanded exponentially. We were constantly writing stories, characters, building terrain (Gray) and drawing maps (myself). A "landship" was built, a castle constructed and epic battles were fought.
We both lived in Torbay and the part we lived in was a valley that wound its way down to Long Bay beach. Gray lived on one lip of the valley and I the other. Depending on on whose house we were to game at, our mornings started by meeting half way in the valley and walking to either of our respective homes. The walk we took used to be semi rural, in the summer time it was sweet and hot bursting into life with bird song, and in the winter brooding and mysterious, the rolling green hills always reminding me of the journey the hobbits took just before Bree in the Fellowship. I loved those walks, the excitement of the game that was going to be played and hanging out with my best mate.

Gaming commenced in the garage or, if it was at my mine, under my house in a storage room. Both the environments were filled with old tools, Gray's dad an engineer and my grandad a builder - finding tools for a project was no problem at all! Amongst the clutter we'd battle it out. I always had one hero whom I really loved, and God strike me down he was going to slay the enemy single-handed! The rest of my forces used to charge headlong into battle, because that's how warriors were meant to behave, not skulking at the back waiting to lull the enemy into some tricksy trick! As a result my forces pretty much always succumbed to Gray's because he played elves... and they were meant to be tricksy! On the odd occasion where dumb gallant valour won the day it was glorious! Kurtold reigned supreme and his deeds forever remembered by the bards, aristocratic ladies and tavern wenches - "by Sigmar"!
Eventually we discovered other mates who shared the love of Warhammer and other fantasy gaming. We would hold huge battles with every single miniature we could muster, 10, 15 and 20,000 point battles with heroic moments happening at every turn. These games would usually finish at three or four in the morning, usually ending with a nerdy cry of "I hate you"or "jerk" only to commence again the following morning with all the gusto of the day before. As we grew into our teens, girls and booze took priority but the love never died for our miniatures, our imaginations or our friends.
Lastly I'd just like to say - I love you mate, and secondly...

...Warhammer: It's more than just a game.

*Richard Barby to win the New Zealand Masters.

Graeme's a big boy now - at the field of our old primary school shooting his bow of course! Watch out kiddies!

In Gray's garage - circa mid 90's


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Casting Update for Epic....

Hi folks, just a casting update.  I have just received some product from a new supplier called "The Fibreglass Shop" based in Hamilton.  They are a fantastic bunch of guys running a family business and they gave me a very good deal on the silicon molding agent.
If you are thinking of casting your own miniatures here's some links to the products required from The Fibreglass Shop store:

Casting resin
Molding clay
Measuring cups and mixing sticks

***Legal Disclaimer***
All the models that I cast I own. I reserve the full right to do as I will with any miniatures I have purchased, whether it be painting, converting, casting or reproducing. This is my right as I am the sole owner of the miniatures and all miniatures in my collection have not been sold to me under license. I have no intention of 'on-selling' any reproduced miniature. Information here is for educational purposes only.

Here's some photo's of rare titan pieces I have cast today.  I'm also casting some Rough Riders and Imperial robots.

Fire control centre and Deathstrike cannon

Getting ready for another pour!

Rough riders and Imperial Robot before the first silicon mold is poured.
 Feel free to PM me if you want any advice or tips.  Also have a look back through the blog for more indepth casting steps.

Coming up in the future I will be giving an indepth tutorial on how to cast vargheist/crypt horror bodies so you can make three Horrors and three Vargheists from each box!

Bye for now folks!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Completed my first Epic IG tactical company....

Hey folks, another Epic update....really pleased with the results and just placing them up to share with you.

Adeptus Militaris!

Command Section

Commissar! (always loved these guys - so bad ass!)

The power of MEN!

On a side note I'm really looking forward to heading up to Wellington in two weeks for the Skitterleap tournament.  As I am going to the ETC next year representing Vamps, I've decided to don my sharp and pointy teeth for Skitterleap, as I feel for an event like the ETC I'll need at least 100 games under my belt. I'm starting with familiar territory taking my New Zealand Masters list from last year (only has a couple of tweaks with items, but pretty much the same) so if you can track down a copy you can see what I'm taking! This list will be a nice way to get back on the horse again - can't wait to head down!

Ciao for now folks!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hobby Update....

Hi folks! It's been a while and I thought I'd give the blog a bit of love.
So here's a few things that have gone on in the last two months....
  1. Nerdycon was run in August and received overwhelmingly positive feedback  It was won by Daniel Butler, who earned his 1st place from all facets.  Best paint was won by Timothy Lind - loved his Empire force and it was great to see some of the more quirky special characters making an appearance!
  2. Went to the Tauranga Open spare-of-the-moment with some mates, it was an "any-thing-goes tournament" (which I prefer) I took the crack Altdorf SS Panzer Division lead by the mercurial Karl Franz. I came 2nd, only losing to the eventual winner Ross H-J and his commandos of Chaos (around 20 mini's). The real highlights of the tournament were the nice people, bar on site, the location and the good food down in Tauranga.  Blair Garret ran a great event and I'm looking forward to the next one!
  3. I took the same Empire list to GuardCon and won the event.  My list, I feel, is a great counter to the current meta (which is as many elite troops as possible with the highest armour save).  Currently I really despise Warhammer in it's current format and I enjoy steam-rolling armies that (I personally feel) are cheesy pieces of crap. The event was run really well by Nick Lironi-Irvine and was a real step up from the last City Guard event that I attended (Equinox) which was a disaster. However, I feel they've set the ship aright, and I am looking forward to their future events.
  4. After my two solid performances on the tournament calender I've submarined back up into Masters contention and this has coincided with my selection for the New Zealand ETC team.  I am really looking forward to this as I can get my competitive game face on and not worry about the hobby so much - for those that have competed in team events you will know how it becomes almost two games with the tactical team placements pre-game and match ups etc etc.... anyway after much deliberation it turns out that the European Team Championship is in Serbia and I am looking forward to catching up with my mate Bogdan (Serbian ETC and resident) and meeting some of the Serbian crew.  I really feel good about our chances next year and Cpt Pete Dunn is running a tight ship - so looking forward to it.
  5. Some people cried about paint scores. The sun came up the next day. All is well and the paint scores remain. The hobby is better for it.
I am still working away on my Epic 40,000 collection and it has become an addiction of Epic proportions!  If anyone has dusty old collections sitting in their cupboard they can exchange these for cold, hard, cash or my love....donations will make you feel good about yourself and it will help me save for Europe next year (yes I'm an addict).  Here's some picks of a titan and tactical Guard platoon that I've been working on.

Adeptus Mechanicus arise!

Really enjoyed creating the scenic base on the titan - makes the miniature in my opinion!
I fucking love Epic, and if you aren't going to sell or donate your old collections to me then I suggest you dust them off and get playing....hands down the best army combat game GW ever produced!  I suggest the Net Epic rules too (free off the net) basically Space Marine 2 with tweaks.

That's all for now....until next time folks!

Sunday, 18 August 2013


What a great event and a pleasure to run!

Here's the final standings.  I'll write an overview in the next couple of days when i have the time!

Thanks to everyone who participated and to all the helpers and support!


Friday, 16 August 2013

Address reminder for Nerdycon 2013

Just a reminder of the address.....

The event will be held at the BLOCKHOUSE BAY COMMUNITY CENTRE:
• 524 Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay
• There are plenty of amenities close to the hall, nice kebabs next door and two takeaways, sushi, cafes and a supermarket within 100m of the venue.


No need to bring a players pack with you as we have already prepared some for you.

I'll be checking this blog and City Guard forum tonight if you have any questions....please do ask. No question is too stupid! You'd be surprised how easy it is to over-look the obvious!


Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Okay folks here's the link to the lists...

Now, this is my first time running a tournament so if I have missed a few errors I do apologise (especially with the new books from this year - not particularly au fait with them yet).
If you happen to spot an error please be kind to me and the offending player - please send me a private message and I'll do my best to sort it out ASAP.

Some of the lists are quite hard at 1400 points - but that's Warhammer.  However, if you do feel like you didn't have a great time playing the list you are more than entitled to express that on the scoring sheet.  The scoring sheet is not an attack on your opponent - but rather, a subjective interpretation of your gaming experience.

Three sleeps to go and I'm excited!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Three sleeps to go!

List's that don't have fluff contained in the lists were sent separately - I'll publish them on this blog for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


A Bretonnian Story

Le Dame Moeurs de la  Légères sat astride her mount the stallion Albert.  She had been riding the Stallion hard all night, she ached all over but knew the hardships had just begun.  The hard, painful, punishing ride had been worth it.  She stood within the safety of the ladies knights in front of the grail temple ofLégères.   She looked down on the heathen scum whose intent was to take this sacred place with the disdain they deserved as they crawled out of the woods at the base of the hills. 

2 groups of yeoman stood having fulfilled their duties.  1 group scouted ahead and guided the knights to this place the other had ridden to the local village and raised the alarm.  The local peasants had also praised the lady as they should in times of war.  They had built 2 trebuchets with which to honour their lady by the destruction of her foes.

Three lances of young men stood waiting for her command.  They were provided by the local lords, each one wealthy enough to arm and armour these warriors none brave enough to pull their fat behinds into armour themselves.  Only one lord seemed to have the ability to father a son to provide some class to proceedings with his noble blood.  Comte  Sous-vêtements de Legeres held aloft the banner of the lady, war shall be done this day and it shall be bloody.

For Legeres and FOR THE LADY!!!!

An Elvish Story

"The court of the Everqueen moves through Avelorn from from place to place like a great carnival… By day, silver laughter rings through the forest as elves make sport. By night fairy lights flicker in the darkness drifting behind the Everqueen's courtiers and illuminating the revelries and feasting… Avelorn seems the sort of rustic paradise which mortal men can only  dream…"

"…Yet beneath this carefree surface bitter enmities stir. Factions at the Evercourt vie for the favour of the Queen. Old Rivalries are barely submerged and every quip has a double meaning. For prestige is matter of life and death in Avelorn…"

"With so many journeying to Avelorn to join the court of the Everqueen it is unsurprising that many of Ulthuan's greatest heroes can be found there… perhaps to prove their prowess to the court and catch the eye of the Everqueen herself.

for the forest contains many dark and dangerous places where the hearts of the trees are rotten and great spiders lurk. The tainted places near the mountains are shunned by all but the boldest elves for lurking evil can strike the unwary even here. At times Great Chaos beasts find a  way town to Avelorn from the Annuli and ravage the land , but they are swiftly and ruthlessly hundred down by the Everqueen's would be consorts in an effort to gain her favour. "

-Quotes sourced from the 4,5,6,7 & 8th edition High elf book.

In service of the Queen- Avelorn Army,

Commander- Galimar on Night Talon 
Amongst the Ever court whispers have begun. New blood has brought Galiimars name in to 

disrepute. He has been labelled "the slayer of deer" humouring how he has seen more hunting in recent decades than battles, by those too young to remember the glory he once reaped. Unable to combat the high born silver tongued courtiers in a duel of words, the stoic commander is replying in the way he knows best. In service of the queen. Old debts have been called, glory awaits.

Niethiel- Fire talker

Niethiel is one of the select few mages who serves and councils the Everqueen directly.

A seemingly austere woman of few words she is known as the fire talker, as most of the talking she does is done when unleashing horrifically destructive spells upon foes of the realm. Citizen soldiers find her presence unnerving.

Queens guard-  The hawks of Tor saviour

If a noble lord carries enough favour at court he may find his army reinforced by a compliment of the queens guard. A mortal man might by awestruck by their beauty, but he would be foolish to do so. Even amongst the Asur the maiden guard reputation is legendary, their loyalty and discipline is unflinching.

Archers- Eldremars' rangers

Although, dressed more like hunters than traditional citizen soldiers from throughout Ulthuan, Eldermars' rangers are no less disciplined. They have a proud heritage of fighting overseas especially against the infamous goblin warlord known as Gularag Khan 

Reavers - The Dusk riders.

The dusk riders endlessly patrol the inner seas shores, guarding Avelorn's coast and borders from attack. They live off the land and often appear before a battle.

White lions - Princes of the wild

The units name was bestowed upon it by a caustic court dandy in jest of their lack of wealth when the small war band first wandered into Avelorns borders, hunting. The dandy was so used to seeing the White lions equipped in full kings regalia that seeing them un-helmeted with iron bound hair wearing animal skins made them look like the "Princes of wild" In rejection of Dandys way of life the warband took the name as mark of honour.

Sky Cutter- Mathlanns Fury

It is known that every tenth year the Evercourt goes forth on a seaborne pilgrimage to an fight an eclipse war. The sky cutter Mathlanns Fury is loyally of the sky cutters assigned to the Ever courts protection.

Dragon Princes - Galthan Honour

At the end of the last Dark Elf incursion, Galthan was brought face to face with the Everqueen as he pursued a scattered dark elf warband into Avelorn. Prior to that moment he was as proud as any Caledorian . It is said that he was so touched by her beauty and grace that he has devoted his life to gaining her favour. Three times has his body been broken in battle and restored in healing halls. Yet his pursuit of her favour does not tire.

Great Eagle- Gwalior

Gwailors name is known throughout Avelorn, never a more headstrong great eagle has graced the world, he is heedless of danger - in fact some say he seeks it out.

Eagle Bolt Thrower- The Whisperer

The crew of Whisperer are  legendary at positioning their bolt thrower in hidden positions, in scrub on the top of hills, on the edge of glades hidden in the forests edge. It takes it's name as the last thing many an advancing regiment has heard is the quiet whisper of it's strings before their ranks are scythed down in bloody ruin.

Sisters of Avelorn- The Path finders

The sisters have a stern reputation amongst the citizen soldiers of Avelorn. Some whisper that have strayed in the eyes of Isha's mercy and in fact worship the goddess Anath Rema - the Huntress. Anath Rema exists outside the pantheon of acceptably worshipped gods in Ulthuan due to her dark and ruthless nature. Whether the commoners rumours are true or not it is unknown. They do however excude a deadly purpose that only those who hunt in the dark forgotten parts of Avelorn seem to possess.
A Ratty Story

Missive 1
Dear Broodmother Mankfur, today I scrawl with great pride-pride, I have been accepted to the Clanrat training academy! Slave Simulation Combat Division! I will be leaving the warren shortly, and as you will be aware I have the makings of a mighty war-rat, my destiny is surely with the Bloodfang Stormvermin. When I am eventually Warlord of the clan, I will be sure to remember the careful way you have brought me up, the selective neglect has forged me into a fighter that none of my more well fed brothers can match. They maybe fast and strong, but they don't flee or hide well-well at all! I shall be leaving within the hour, and although you appear to ignore me, I know that this is all part of my grooming for greatness. I know the tunnels that will take me to the training warrens, and even though my brothers left weeks ago, I will find the way.
Gratefully yours,
Ratistan Meekscamper
Missive 2
Blessed Broodmother Mankfur,
It has been several weeks since I wrote, your replies must have been kept from me. The other recruits seem to have messages, but I suspect the Overseers are fake-forging the documents, to weaken my comrades resolve and make them want to return to the brood warrens. We train in the fight-pits, and have I managed to 'acquire' a stick, that passes quite well for a train-sword (apparently the other recruits were given them by their Warrens, but I suspect this is a lie-ruse). In single combat I am always paired against stronger opponents, I don't win but I learn to ignore the hurt-stabs, as I sure is intended by the nature of the training. I seem to have lost an ear, but the Moulder Medic assures me it will grow back, or at the least not cause the other one to fall off.
I have managed to find a quiet hole away from the main barracks to rest in, the other recruits taunt me with jealousy and have stolen my treasure-things, among them the token-claw that I know you left for me in the main brood-hall, I swear by the 13th that I will get it back. Hope you are well, and the new brood is blessed by the council.
Yours truly,
Ratistan Meekscamper
Missive 3
Revered Broodmother Mankfur,
I bring amaze-startle news! A Seer has been seen among the Bloodfang! They say that it is Chee'zus the Holy, and I hear from the shadows that some great plan of the council has come to the Bloodfang Clan. This is truly a great honour, and Warlord Heartstriker has unfurled the clan-banner and it sits at the barrackwarren entrance.
Even more good news, as my train-time comes to and end (it has been a long 4 weeks) the Slave Simulation Combat Master Throx has mentioned that I have been so good that I may be fit to carry the guide-bell in a slave unit! It is not usual for a Brood-rat to join the slave units, fortunately I know it is merely so that I understand the function of the great Bloodfang army from the lowest unit to the high. The foresight and smart-smarts of the trainers truly inspires me. Oh, and reminds me, I found an old Clan-shield as I foraged for food-bites, I better return it to the Barracks now, I will submit this letter first.
Dutifully yours,
Ratistan Meekscamper
Missive 4
Dearest Broodmother Mankfur,
Please forgive your dedicated rat-son, it has been many weeks and tunnel-miles since I've had a chance to write. A strange journey had a stranger start, as I went to return the shield to the Quarter-Rat I ran through the main barracks and right into the middle of the Bloodfang horde forming for parade! I saw the Quarter-Rat, but before I could get to him I was rushed at by Captain-Rat Fogstare of the 3rd Bloodrat Ratoon, he roared at me to get in line! I tried to scamper-flee but he grabbed me and threw me among the 3rd clan-rats. I hope that Master Throx is not disappointed, I am resolved to make my apologies when I return.
It has been a long march, some of my comrades have fallen as we've gone, but fortunately I have been able to acquire new treasure-things including have a real iron-stabber, paw wraps and a fine set of red rags! I don't know where we go, mostly I focus on the tunnel-rocks underfoot, avoiding the Moulder beasts and staying away from the spark-lights of the Warlocks as they move among the horde as we march.

Proudly yours,

Ratistan of the 3rd Bloodfang Ratoon
Missive 5
Dear Broodmother Mankfur,
I write to you on the eve of battle, Warlord Heartstriker has advised that now is the time for cowardly fear-rats to write home to their mothers so I will write at the same time as them.
When I sent my last letter, we still had not gone half as far as we needed too, and I almost wish-hope we had not gotten here. We have left the safe-tunnels to travel on the overland, white-cold is on the ground and there are big scent-trees everywhere. Tonight we will liberate a some buildings from the man-things that live in them, the Seer advises that the best way to do this is to burn them with magics, which seems odd because then the buildings would be gone, maybe this is also a form of liberation? There is a bright greenstar in the sky, the Seer seems to like it. I am sure you will be wishing me good luck! I hope I make the warren proud, and will write again soon.

Sincerely yours,

Ratistan of the 3rd Bloodfang Ratoon

Missive 6
Gracious Broodmother Mankfur,
So much has happened! The battle started well, but then it appeared to not go well. The 3rd Ratoon was bravely waiting behind the slave-rats while the warp magics rained down on the man-town, many buildings were being saved. Then some man-things on horses with armour attacked the Warlords Stormvermin, and then the greenstar fell out of the sky! It fell right on Warlord Heartstriker and the horse-men! Captain Fogstare volunteered me to go and see if everything was alright. I scurry-scampered over there but there was still more man-things around, one hit me with a steel club, I decided to bravely hide under my shield for a bit. The fighting went on around me while I defended the ground. After a few minutes I decided to look around, I felt a bit dizzy and when I got up I used a stick, but as it turned out it was the clan-banner! I didn't know it but apparently the Bloodfang horde had been tactically advancing away from the battle when they saw me stand up, and then they came back to see if I was alright! We succeeded in the liberation! Afterwards Holy Seer Chee'zus approached me and asked who I was was, I said that I was Ratistan and that I was cold, he must have misheard because now they call me Ratistan the Bold. He seemed nice, and he gave me a piece of the greenstar and will let me carry the clan-banner back home! We are heading back now and although the tunnels seem smaller, the road doesn't seem as long, look forward to seeing you again

Sincerely yours,

Ratistan the Bold

PS – My ear has grown back