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An old batrep revisited....

Hey folks I thought I'd dredge up a report that I did for my gaming group The League of Extraordinary Nerdymen.  It's the final game of 2012's Horned Gobbo run by the legend Raymond Dick.  It was a really well run tournament and I had a fantastic time down in Wellington and totally recommend Auckland gamers making the pilgrimage at least once or twice a year!
The following batrep includes a was an epic game vs Sam's (of Hashut's Right Hand) beautifully painted chaos Dwarf army.  I had plenty of knights so the game had an epic holy Excalibur/King Arthur like feel....i wish I had taken some here it is.  Enjoy.
 Following is Sam Whitts List with a synopsis by Pete Dunn from his blog…
“Sam's Chaos Dwarfs - the element of surprise is a big asset here. Sam has quickly distilled the best of the book into a list. People will not know what to expect and Sam will then destroy them. He has a real lack of chaff and that will be his biggest problem. I expect him to go Top 5, possibly podium.”

His list…

Number of models in the unit Type (include magic items, upgrades, bloodlines etc.) Total Points
1 Sorceror Prophet - Level 4 Hashut, Talisman of Presevation, Enchanted Shield 350

Number of models in the unit Type (include magic items, upgrades, bloodlines etc.) Total Points
1 Infernal Castellan - BSB, Shield, Mask of the Furnace 197
1 Daemonsmith Sorceror - Fire, Dispel Scroll 120

Number of models in the unit Type (include magic items, upgrades, bloodlines etc.) Total Points
27 Infernal Guard - Full Command, Razor Banner 401
20 Hobgoblins - Bow 100
20 Hobgoblins - Bow 100

Number of models in the unit Type (include magic items, upgrades, bloodlines etc.) Total Points
6 Bull Centaurs - Great Weapons, Shields, Standard, Musician 345
1 Magma Cannon 145
1 Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher 100

Number of models in the unit Type (include magic items, upgrades, bloodlines etc.) Total Points
1 K'daai Destroyer 325
1 Dreadquake Mortar - Slave Ogre Crewman 215


A Knightly Tale: Courage and Valour

“…Haarold Templehoff had been a knight all his life, but in all the long years of his martial training he had never experienced a journey as arduous as this. It seemed as if an age had passed since his troop of noble knights had traveled through the Black Fire pass, eventually crossing the Blood River. Its tepid roiling waters feeding the ignoble Black Gulf. As they arrived in the Badlands Haarold noticed the change in the landscape, darker greens of the northern hills giving way to the ruddy brown weeds that passed for grass and the brackish despoiled water that fed their drying roots. This made the husbandry of the destriers that much harder, initially the proud beasts turning their mouths up at the poor feed and water. They too had to adjust as the provisioned oats dwindled to meagre handfuls every morning. It seemed as if Haarold’s men had lost their initial lustre for adventure matching the unkemptness of their mounts; burnished plate dulling to a steel grey and the once bright plumes rising from their helmets, becoming matted or sparse from the months travel.

Haarold cast his mind back to his family. They now would be sitting next to the hearth fire, warming them during the winter at their manse on Altdorf’s rural outskirts. No cold here though, only a dusty, oppressive heat with the faint smell of acrid soot and ash. This was not unexpected. All this had been foretold by the Celestial seers of Azyr. As too this quest he so readily accepted.

There was no choice, only duty.

Kurt Helborg was in the field at Kislev, so as second in command of the glorious Reiksguard this task now fell to him. As the war council convened the threat was unveiled by Azyrs finest seers, the black army of soot and ash that would sweep the southern lands of the Empire with a fiery hand.

Karl Franz rose from the oaken table, maps and candles cast about across its surface.
“Haarold I must ride north. The scourge of Chaos is worse than first thought….a raven arrived this morning, the news, it is not good.”

Haarold listened as his Emperor continued, a knot of tension twisting in his chest.
“The Wissenland regulars and the Boganhafen levies have been crushed, Helborg has been wounded and he has chosen to regroup at Chasask north of Praag”. Karl Franz leaned further over the table, palms pressed towards its surface – raising his head Franz locked an arrow like gaze that seemed to bury into Haarolds soul, and spoke.
“This…this new threat, to the south, I charge you with the task of meeting this scourge. I will be riding at dawn with Ludwig and the Altdorf regulars with Ghal Maraz at my side”. Franz paused for a moment to look across at Aarun of the Celestial Order.
“This decision is not mine alone, Aarun and the members of his coven have foreseen your part in this. It is not certain will most likely be your doom – although it has been seen as a glorious death, with much honour”
Haarold met his Emperors gaze for only a short moment before he steadfastly replied, stifling the thoughts of his wife Helga, and his sweet children Gretal and Hans. “I will do whatever my Emperor requires – and my people, this land, it is my duty. Sigmar be praised I swear it on the Holiest of Hammers I will smash our foes and bring glory to my Order and the Empire”
A smile crept across Karl Franz’s face, hands rising from the table to reach behind him; stooping low he pulled what appeared to be a sword wrapped in fine cloth from beneath his raised chair. “I am pleased. I knew the Empire could rely on you. Henceforth I am elevating you from Vice Marshall to acting Grand Master of the order of Reiksguard. I will also entrust you with my Runefang – keep it with always, it will be your steel woman in the night and avenging talon by day.”
Haarold rose, even his impending demise could not besmirch the pride he felt at being named acting Grand Master – and to wield a Runfang! It would be the most glorious death! “My Emperor you honour me”
“There is no honour yet Haarold. For if you fail the southern lands will be decimated and even the Infernal guard may storm the gates of Altdorf. You will ride on the morrow with all your order”
A scribe ushered into the chamber with a stack of parchment, wax and the Emperors seal. Franz set about with quill as deftly as sword; matching martial honour with stately acumen. “At Black Fire Pass you will join up with the Lector Boris Bonhoffer and his retinue…now if you’ll forgive me I must take my leave.”
He thrust half the affixed parchment at Haarold speaking final words before leaving with the members of his council “Here is your affirmation of rank, orders and other details of provision that I have set aside. Sigmar be praised and good luck.”

Those words seemed like a distant memory now.

All the honour that burned like a bright fire inside dwindled to a candles flame. Marching to a foreseen fate by aloof wizards, the toil and despair through the rugged landscape had pushed hope down to nothing. Only thought of family drove Haarold on now.
As the column wound its way down a gently sloping canyon – fate awaited in the dusty valley below. So the cretins of Azyr were right he thought bitterly. If this is his fate then so be it.

“Fall in men!” he bellowed. You all know your place! Form up!” Men rushed into position and knights formed up their skinny mounts, into tight walls of bristling steel and lance – even the plate armour seemed to shine brighter momentarily.
Arrayed before them at the end of the valley, all manner of monstrosities and pernicious contraptions. A black haze hung about the horde filling the air with a sting that tightened the lungs. On the Empires left Dragon Ogres stamped impetuously, great weapons held aloft that were larger in size than the hobgoblin bowmen cavorting to their right. On the other flank and to part of the centre stood the dreaded Infernal Guard, weapons clashing against shields to an ominous rhythm that was akin to the voice of death personified. Behind the Guard all the cruel weapons the evil kin of once noble dwarf stood arrayed. How they fell so low caused sadness within Haarold as he cast his mind back to some of the glorious Dwarven halls he had visited.

Worst of all was the K’daai. Burning demon of hell incarnate stood in the centre of the Chaos Dwarf battleline. Flame wreathed with the blackest smoke belching from its mouth, it stood twenty feet tall, filling the air with earth shuddering screams.
For a moment Haarold thought he locked eyes with the creature. A glance that spoke of his glory – and his doom.
Putting last thoughts of fate and family behind him, Haarold turned to his knights behind and bellowed “Sigmar and Honour!” With that cry the beating of the Infernal Guard grew almost quiet. Urgently spurring his destrier he rode forward….

Fini Part One
Part Two: Game 5 - Battleline - Opponent: Sam Whitt - Chaos Dwarves (Tamurkahn List)

The Chaos dwarf setup was weighted to the Empire right, Sam taking advantage of a small group of buildings that dwelt on the Empires right flank. On the empire left he positioned his six dragon ogres, moving to the right a unit of 20 x hobgoblins. Moving towards his centre the K'daai destroyer...I didn't really realise what tough mother fucker this demon is: movement 9, 6 wounds, 4+ ward, six plus d3 strength 7 attacks, minus 1 to actually wound the beast therefore anyone strength 4 and below can't wound and anyone in base contact suffers an automatic strength 4 hit! Terrible. Moving further to the right flank 27 infernal guard ranked up in a big long line two deep, with the Prophet (level 4 Hashut) and the infernal castellan (stubborn and imparting this ability to the unit). The spread out deployment enabled him to provide a great deal of protection for his artillery...which outside of the K'daai was going to do the most damage. On the far right, closing the gap between the building and the board edge another unit of 20 x hobgoblin archers. Lastly with the artillery, a demonsmith sorcerer (level 1 fire and kinda like an engineer re-rolling misfires on a 3+).
To counter, I matched up my Reiksguard inner circle lead by Grand Master Haarold against the Dragon Ogres...I was certain I'd win the battle of attrition and with Haarold's Runefang the dragon ogres toughness 5 didn't matter. To the far right I stacked my 3 demigryphs against his 20 hobgobs blocking the channel between the building and the board edge. I thought that the gryphs would chew through them in two rounds of combat, possibly even deleting enough ranks to remove their steadfast in the first round, if I could break them quickly I could put pressure on the warmachines and maybe force a reform from the infernal guard, turning their rear towards the other advancing knights. My smaller unit of knights was also trying to probe a gap in the lines. One unit of crossbows were placed in the centre with my artillery on a hill and one unit of xbows on my far left flank, my three shadow wizards bunking down with them
My main bus with my Arch lector "Bonhoffer" and BSB was in my centre, with its steel standard it had the ability to threaten anywhere, however I decided to target the hobgobs between the dragon ogres and the K'daai. My rational was that the k'daai was angled such that if I got the charge and destroyed them the k'daai would have to spend a turn turning around to face them instead of moving towards my lines, thus enabling another round of cannon shots at it. So my first turn I moved my units in position for these charges allowing a 17" against the dragon ogres, a 17" to the hobgoblins and 14" for the gryphs to the other hobgobs, streaking them up the right flank. I successfully Miasma-erd the K'daai's movement three times due to some not so great an application of dispel dice by Sam but I only managed to reduce its movement by 3"!
Following Toms advice in the pre-tournament army reconnaissance we conducted (highly recommended) was they application of my cannons against his dreadquake mortar, rolling a one to wound with one cannon and rolling a one for the amount of wounds with the other! So not a great start on that front!
Sam's turn one was equally ineffective, I manged to counter his magic (losing my dispel scroll) and his artillery killing only two knights in my bus and doing two wounds on a cannon, but leaving it alive. Realising the danger he also shuffled the hobgobs on the right flank backwards 2" increasing the gryphs charge to 16".

Turn two was where the excitement started.
I successfully got the charge off with the Grand Master and his Reikguard, whilst it was a long one it wasn't one that I was worried about failing as I would be stubborn against a dragon ogres counter charge. My gryphs successfully charged the hobgobs on the right knight bus needing 17" with the steel standard rolled a 1, 1 and 2 for the charge and my re-rolls elicited a 1 and a 16" total not enough for the charge but however as it was a failed charge I had to move the knight 6" closer to the k'daai. Rats! I was hoping that 1's weren't going to be the order of the day. I scrambled in the magic phase to power down the K'daai's movement but to no avail, Sam expended his dispel scroll and stacked his dice evenly between the other two miasma's. My shooting phase finally yielding the result that I wanted, finishing off the dangerous dreadquake mortar.
After drinking his potion of foolhardiness earlier on in the turn Haarold slashed his Runefang left and right hewing 5 wounds off the Dragon Ogres, determined that he'd see his wife and children again! The rest of his valiant Reikguard added an additionally 4 wounds slaying a total of 3 of the mighty beasts. Even though two of the knights fell, the Dragon ogres couldn't stand Haarold's fury and they turned their mighty tails and ran! I elected to pursue so i could ensure i bagged the points and they were cut down by my mighty knights...their resulting destruction caused the unit of hobgobs close by to panic and flee, out of range of a BSB re-roll due to the spread out infernal guard, they ended up stopping only 1" from the board edge!
The 20 hobgobs on the right were sufficiently mauled by the gryphs I only managed 9 wounds, not breaking their steadfast. However, they had to test on leadership 6 with BSB reroll as their general was down the other end of the long line of infernal guard! They failed their check twice and fled the battle and i elected for the gryphs to restrain and reform to face the flank of the infernal guard.
In Sam's turn two he charged the K'daai into my knight bus...I was in two minds to elect to flee but due to the line of charge and the position of my war machines I elected to hold, for if I rolled a 10" (highly likely with the steel standard) I would bounce on through and off the board edge! So facing the fiery demon they dropped lances and drew arms preparing to face it's onslaught. He successfully rallied the fleeing hobgobs on my left and reformed the infernal guard to face my gryphs.
He magicked my night bus with ash cloud (or ash storm?) this spell gave my knights -1 to hit and made everyone flammable, very dangerous with the K'daai's flaming attacks (oh btw its got flaming attacks!). His artillery remained ineffective, although he blew 7 crossbowmen off the board with one rocket.
The K'daai rolled up to extra attacks and placed 4 on the Arch lector and 4 on the unit. One wound slipped through on Bonhoffen, becoming two due to the fact he was now flammable...2 other knights went down. Bonhoffen fought through the pain of his hideous burns and did 1 wound to the hellish creature wrecking havoc around him. I passed my leadership test here as I was still steadfast 9 with a 3d6 BSB re-roll.
My turn 3 things literally started to heat up. I managed to power down the K'daai's WS to 1 and enfeebled him so he was only strength 6. I turned Haarold and his unit around hoping to get a charge off next turn, negating the K'daais toughness with the runefang. My gryphs crashed into the infernal guard rending the evil stunties with claw and beak. I wasn't too worried here as the infernal guard only had strength 4 armour piercing attacks....I hoped my 1+ armour would hold out.
The combat with the K'daai continued...the flaming strength 4 hit felled my BSB as he failed his 1+ with re-roll and he was still flammable due to the ash cloud spell.
Bonhoffen angered by this cracked the beast another fell blow but he too fell to the beasts onslaught along with three other knights. The knights could not take this demonic assault any longer and opted to flee the battle, but they rolled a 7 and the K'daai 12" in pursuit, stomping armoured horse and knight into a smoking, bloody pulp!
The help from the Grand Master that was meant to arrive never did as Sam cunningly charged them in the rear by a newly rallied hobgoblin unit from his previous turn. Haarold sensing the desperation of the moment wheeled his horse around and cleft four hobgoblins in twain with one mighty blow, black blood gushing everywhere. Inspired by this, the Reiksguard who could felled another four of the barking critters. The fled the battle and I restrained then reformed with intent to charge the magma cannon in my next turn - which I did.
My cannons now opened up on the K'daai which had now overrun to within 6" of them! However needing 3+ to wound I failed with one cannon shot and he ward saved the other. The trusty helblaster managed to pick off one wound at close range with 22 shots....this beast can really take a pummeling!
My turn four only the fully crewed cannon could shoot, it hit and wounded the k'daai but once again it passed its ward; the helblaster remained on target and manged to do another wound with 8 shots leaving the huge demon with two.
In the combat phase I opted to fight the combat with the magma cannon first with the hope of getting the overrun into the rear of the infernal guard...once again Haarold went first with his Runefang cutting down all the crew....then successfully leading the Reiksguard into a successful over run charge into the rear of the infernal guard! So fighting again I knew Haarold had to issue a challenge to hopefully call out the BSB to remove the stubborn from the unit. The castallen showed his cowardice by shoving the champion in his place - whom Haarold then proceeded to cut into three pieces. In the combat one gryph finally went down leaving two but I ended up winning the combat by a hefty margin, but once again the Guard passed with their stubborn leadership!
In Sam's turn four he opted not to clean up my artillery with the K'daai, instead spinning it around and marching it back a full 18" towards the combat with the infernal guard! My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw how far this creature could move! The Rieksguard and Haarold were going to cop it in the flank turn 5!
During Sam's turn he picked off one Shadow wizard with the rocket launcher (nooo not Gandalf!). In combat he wasn't as lucky as Haarold once again called the challenge! This time there was nowhere to hide! Haarold was surprised to see the dwarf sorcerer step up for the fight - he thought that the castellan must really love waving his banner about! The sorcerers magical protection failed and he buried the Runefang through his silly hat into his skull, dashing bloody chunks of brain about onto the dusty ground. The demi gryphs, remaining knights killed the last of the infernal, strewing their bodies around like, like - well, like dwafs! Only the cowardly Castallan remained.

Turn 5 saw the K'daai smash into the flank of the Rieksguard...Haarold remained in contact with the castellan so he couldn't make way to have a crack at his nemisis, his foretold doom. Finally with nowhere to run from the Grand Master the Castellan performed his martial duty and fought his final combat. Haarold, a fury upon him as his men lay dying around him, broke down the magical defenses of the bannerman to carve a mighty gash across his face spilling, broken teeth to the ground. Before the castellan could stagger to his knees, Haarold swept one final deft blow, disemboweling his cowardly guts upon the ground!
Despite the magnificent efforts of the Shadow mages to shackle the beast with their spells, the K'daai rolled up 9 attacks and killed the last remaining inner circle knights!


"Haarold turned to face his nemesis, the flames licking over his armour, washing a wave of heat and soot into his eyes....."

The K'daai had two wounds left and at initiative 6 Haarold stuck first...praying and invoking the POWER OF SIGMAR in a loud voice I needed to get two blows past the demons 4+ ward, or all was lost! So....

" the shimmering heat emerged a warrior with a hammer. Haarold could not be sure if it was a trick the heat played - fooling his mortal eyes? Had he died, and was this Sigmar to lead him to the halls of his Fathers?
Whatever the image was it was momentary. New energy suddenly filled his veins and a preternatural strength filled his body! Sweeping his Runefang in a mighty overhead blow he raked the sword through the Demons chest to bury the tip in its heart. With a final twist of the wrists, smoking sparks flew as the creatures foul heart came to a shuddering stop!..."

Yaaaayy! Haarold you are a mighty hero! As the beast crashed to the ground the Demonsmith sorcerer fled the battle leaving only one artillery piece on the board for Sam's Chaos dwarfs...

Final score: 16 - 4 to Haarold and his Empire!

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