Sunday, 20 January 2013

Arch Enemy II Photo reel and results...

Today's Arch Enemy tournament was won by Tom Van Roekel.  Below is a list of the Top 5 placings

1. Tom Van Roekel (Nerdyman) - You too can win a tournament with Ogres....skills!
2. Dan Butler (Nerdyman) - Second again...
3. Jeff Kent (Palmy North) - Lives in a total shit hole but plays an epic all goblin army! Well done mate!
4=. James "Fist Pumping" Brown (Nerdyman) - Yes Beastmen are pretty shit....
4=. Paul Dalton aka "Shrek" (correction from previously posted result)
5. Paul "Arkhan the Black" Clark (Nerdyman) - Yes Paul a level 5 caster is not's not....

So well done to the Nerdymen!  A sign of things to come?  The NZTC is shaping up to be a very exciting prospect (I'm certainly looking forward to it).

Anyway enjoy the photos from day 2....

First up this morning Dan vs Tom....much blood was spilled with Dan beating the eventual winner.

James plotting as to how he's going to smash some High Elves....turns out they're not that High after all!

Dan playing a shitter vs Paul to throw away a tournament 1st place 101 (I'm sure Auckland uni will have a paper on it soon)

Tom vs Jeff last game of the day - mad props for the all gobbo army!

Tom vs Jeff

Doom Bull killing tricksy HE lvl 4 (Actually...James is using Glen Tibbles Beastmen....still don't get sick of looking at this's fucking sweet)

Jeff in a fetching pink shirt - it takes balls to play gobbo's but it takes even more balls to play gobo's in PINK!

The face of a winner?

Hot pink!

Paul C vs James....this is where you lost the game mate (Paul)...Doom bullabout to smash the catapult then overrun into Arkahns unit....should of left whilst you had the chance....

Tom vs Dan (again first game of the day)

The Keeper that wouldn't die!

Tom vs Dan further in....grinding away at those Letters!

Almost had it here Tom!  Never least you didn't come second!  Lol!

Big Christian Pride (Nerdyman)....your Dark Eldar look mint bro!  In a game of aerial combat in the 41st millennium your army looks the most elegant!

No Tom, Dan will pass six 5+ wards with the Keeper so don't bother!

No Unchained Melody for this Ghost....

Dark Elves Hoooooooooo!

Got bush?

"Guys, I could have sworn it was Autumn in Athel Loren when we packed our cloaks...."

The Don (well done Aaron - you're certainly top of the list mate!).

On my knees, help me baby,
tell me what can I do, electric blue!

Shrek takes command of his Ogres!

Fist pump anyone?

Pink crotch FTW!

Going to throw toys?  Don't worry you won anyway Tom....

and it's.......Ogres FTW (suprise!)

Well done and a huge thanks to Aaron for organising the event....I had much fun watching tight games on day 2.....long may Arch Enemy continue.  Hopefully next year I can make it!


  1. Nice work man, the captions cracked me up. Gray

  2. I fucken LOVE that shot of the keeper down the barrrel of the Ironblaster man!

  3. Agreed, great comments mate lol! Awesome work Thom and all the other Nerdymen. The all Goblin army fills me with happyness!!

    1. Thanks bro! Yeah the all gobbo army was choice, it was really nice to see it do so well!

  4. Very cool pictures looks like a great time. I love the goblin army. (is he still sane after painting all those gobbos I mean does he live in Palmerston North by choice?)

    Are there no Day 1 photos?

    Dwarfs under represented here grumble grumble

    1. Sorry pal...I didn't get any pictures of Day 1 as I had to work (otherwise I would have been in the tournament myself!). Yeah....the poor old Dwarfs are under represented today...what actually happened was the Mines of Kazak Dum Inc. borrowed to many and invested in too many derivatives, and subsequently went broke in the recent Old World recession caused by the Bank of Altdorf (who lent the derivatives in the first place). This caused many of the dwarven miners to be laid off and the homes foreclosed. Now they have to seek employment as crew in Chaos Warrior artillery batteries. Shame.

    2. LOL This comment made my day!

      I suspect Kazak Dum Inc. now needs to be included in my army background!

  5. Hey Rory, great pics and love the commentary. I had a great time and felt lucky to get the result I did. At times I felt I was fighting my own army as much as the opponents though as the little buggers did everything they could to kill eachother. Also as much as I wish it was, it's not quite an all Gobbo army as I've got a SOrc shaman leading the circus who likes starting fights more than he does 6 dicing Foot like he's meant to.

    Cheers. Jeff

    1. Thanks did awesome (I think we can overlook the savage orc!). You took an army that really captures the spirit of Warhammer (low leadership, characterful characters and animosity with no Black orcs!)...well done!

    2. I was given quite the beating by a very well tailored Orc and Goblin list which really made me admire how skilled and forward thinking you need to be for greenskin armies so honestly kudos!

  6. What great games of warhammer, probably the 6 most eventful games I've had in ages. Yep the Beastmen aren't top teir but the doombull was awesome fun and killed the world. Loved Jeff's O&G army and was actually a tough match up for me. Losing 30 gor to curse of the Bad Moon was epic!

  7. Nice coverage Rory. Nice to see people spectating and taking great photos for everyone to see.