Wednesday, 16 January 2013

From the Vaults #1: Mini's under the microscope.

Hey folks I thought I'd start my From the Vaults weekly post.  Basically I'm going to go back in time through the Games Workshop miniature range using miniatures from my garage museum.
I thought it would be a nice way to give some of these odd, quirky, crap and fantastic mini's a breath of fresh air and bring them into the light of day!
Some of which I will have literally no idea where they come from and from what year...

First up some Tzeentch marines...

"Hey Joe your face looks like an angry pizza"!
Personally I think these miniatures are fantastic.  They have bucket-loads of character which some (I personally feel) of the more modern miniatures lack.  Marines are cool and everything....but when you've seen your 1000th Blood Angels marine, it's kind like "yay for you but I don't give a fuck"...perhaps that's why the Forgeworld 30k is becoming so popular?  I don't know about Angry Joe on the far right though....what year are these?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this blast from the past.  Stay tuned as there will be many more from the 1000's relics of yesteryear tucked away in my dungeon.


  1. Fantastic figures, far better than the 'Marines with spikes and bigger backpacks' that modern CSM are. They actually look like they've been affected by the mutable and everchanging powers of the warp, rather than marched out of Tzeentch boot camp in the same kit.

    I think they're late 80s/early 90s figures, I'm guessing from the same time as the 'Lost and the Damned' Realm of Chaos book.

  2. Yeah totally agree...btw what are your thoughts on the new Demons stuff for fantasy? I almost went into full blown apoplexy....I dislike the miniatures intensely, it's almost if they are beating the personality out of all the miniatures purposefully....most of the new miniatures are 3d rendered and they're all starting to blend in to one. Really tempted to quit fantasy and just play ancients....

  3. I'm not a big fan of the new miniatures to be honest. Which is a shame; the OOP metal figures from the late 80s and early 90s, for both 40k and Fantasy (such as your Tzeentch marines) are fantastic.

    I think the heralds are OK, but there's no differentiation between them and the core daemons; they look like unit champions. I thought Chaos would be chaotic and things would at least look different. Helldorado do a 'Wormpile' miniature which would make a far better herald than the Plaguebearer they've released. Even the mini-GUO Herald that Avatars of War released is much better. The Masque or Helldorado Succubus make better Slaaneshi Heralds, or the Avatars of War Domina of Torment. In short, other model companies make better models to fit this niche.

    The Tzeentch Herald chariot is fine, but the flamer one is terrible; the Screamers imply speed and velocity, but the flames imply slowly rising smoke. The two clash and make a horrible mess, not helped by the coral paintjob.

    The Khorne engines are the worst in my opinon. The tiny wheels and general construction make it look like some sort of mobility scooter or golfcart. Fine for putting round Khorne's castle, but no good on the battlefield. I know, Daemons and magic and fantasy world, but the visual result is not a terrifying, bloodthirsty engine of doom. Rather a comical looking motorised tricycle with daemons hanging on (but not for dear life, it's too slow).

    The Nurgle Drones are a great idea, with mediocre execution. Maybe replace with trunk with a mosquito feeder/long spike, to give a more insectile and parasitic appearance.

    I'm finding that there are lots of good miniatures for Warhammer, but an increasing proportion are coming from other manufacturers. Which is fine. It's not like GW sponsor tournaments here that require GW-only figures. I want to build a Warriors army ('Dominant Ted and the Manlove Legion', all Slaaneshi of course) but it'll be done largely using AoW and Gamezone figures.