Thursday, 31 January 2013

From the Vaults #3: Man O'War!

Man O' of the highest rating Games Workshop games on Boardgamegeek
However, it still fails to get any love - even from the Specialty games division.  It's not like this particular genre hasn't got the love of gamers out there as other miniature companies have successfully filled this niche with extensive ranges, comprising of many different races and class of ship.
Any how here's the collection currently curated at the Museum.  I hope to get some games in with JB at some time in the not to distant future....but here they are coming up from the depths for a little air...

No! Not these guys!

Skaven and Dark Elves and Chaos...oh my!

Mostly Brets, Pirates and Flyers

Chaos Dwarfs....when will GW bring this race back?

For Sigmar!

HMS Pustule

Ark Ship top cool!

Sea monsters ahoy....there's another set unpainted too

Naggaroth Ship Co. pressed ahead with their failed Americas Cup design prototype (apparently race officials weren't fans of skull shaped designs...turns out it was more sea worthy than NZL 82
Well that's it for this week folks....until next time....

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