Sunday, 10 February 2013

OTT photos and lamentation....

 All right.... Over the Top....not as over the top as the name suggests, using the hard caps comp pack that was en vogue until about midway through 2012 - to be fair I spoke with Russ (TO) about it, and he stuck with the pack that he initially released instead of chopping and changing and leaving people wondering what they were going to end up with.  So well done to Russ regarding that.  The organisation at the tournament itself was good.  Things I liked: was the organisation for the draw that Russ put in, all the tables were numbered and everything went smoothly in that respect.  Things that were not so great was a lack of a snack shop in the venue.  There were quite a few folks there with 40k and LotR so the OTT organisers could have raised a bit more money for the Immortals.  Personally, I don't like trekking to nearby dairy's in between rounds as it chews up the free time where I get to relax a little bit.  I'm more than willing to pay for the convenience.

I'd like to say thanks to Nick Munn for letting Sean and I crash for the night.  I don't think I could've handled the cacophony of 20+ gamers sleeping in the same spot (I'm a bit precious now that I'm in my 30's!)  Really needed a good nights sleep as I only had about 6 hours within the 48 hours before the tourney, so once again thank you very much.

My tournament was one that just didn't cut me a break.  I feel that I still did really well considering that I lost my lord 5/6 games.  It's a useful skill to be able to play on the back foot for game after game (even though it's a little demoralising) and even at the last game I had a chance to get a top 3 result if I went for the big win (which I did), however lady luck is a fickle mistress and she's definitely jumping some other guy at the moment!

Early Saturday morning - blood will be spilled.

My mate Sean (my little bro's friend and new Nerdyman inductee) in his first tournament (ended up winning more games than I did!)

Christian repping 40k

Game 1 - James Cardno (Woodies) 8-12 loss
James is a really great guy and I had fun playing him.  Playing Wood Elves is not so much trouble beating them up - more trouble catching the buggers!  So "Lordy" (Vampire Lord) cast Van hels to get a bit of a move-n-shake on to catch up with the elves.  Anyway first turn, first spell, 3 dice van hels, miscast and lordy goes down the hole.  Bus kept on going I picked up some points with skellies too and managed a small loss - no mean feat when you're without Lordy for six whole game turns!

Bus wins this combat, transformed wizard, runs, doesn't flee off the board!

Skellie dryad sandwich.

Bus initially gets gang banged by all these critters, but manages to fend them all off - here they are fleeing!

Before skellie gang bang!

The big maul post combat.

Dragon wizard almost fleeing off the board....I turned the bus around for juicier targets.

Skellies contemplate un-life with out their Lordy *sniff*

Game 2 - Russ Simister (Vamps) 17 - 3 win
Another really nice guy, enjoyed playing him.  This was a clash of the buses that I knew I should win.  His lord had a great weapon and struck last.  Anyway long story short.  Buses collided (I got the charge off after working him into position) Lordy didn't kill his lord, no worries my thrall and black knights will finish him off with 4 strength 7 attacks and 4-5 strength 6 plus being in contact with tricksters of course not!  Any way his Lordy does 3 wounds back on my Lordy, my Lordy needs to make ONE out of three 4+ ward saves to have another crack at him....and failed them all...Lordy dies again.  Anyway, ended up killing his whole army, his Lordy tried to run from Skellie-bus with wraiths but gets charged in his arse and popped after being challenged (no magic weapon).

Game beginning.

Das uber Bus!

The final moment...99 ist red vampyre goes pop!

Game 3 - Ryan Lister (Vamps) 14 -6  win
Ryan another really awesome guy, played him at 2012's Horned Gobbo in Welly when I was at the helm of my Empire, caught up with him at Masters and for this tournament he got my "best sports" vote.
Once again another "bus off" his Lordy a carbon copy of my lordy except without creatures of the night.  In this game I thought "fuck it Lordy's going to make some fucking ward saves" - end result both our lords turn each other into red mist, blood and gore every where and once again I had to make one lot of 3 ward saves to survive....failed them all again (running total 6 ward saves). Lordy dies 3rd game in a row.

Working my Lordy into position against his Lordy.

Who is this dashing young man?  Single ladies you can rest assured that a wargaming man wont be spending his spare time on hookers and blow!

Fanning out towards my right.  Hill of Vaul in the middle, Vargie killed some Hex Wraiths.

Before my bus got the charge off on his bus.  "Lord off"!

Skellie-bus in action again....these guys fucking rock!

Terrorgeist before being beaten up by Vargie to the flank I think?


My thrall who took the helm after Lordy's demise, sitting victoriously on his mount after dispatching the last enemy unit.

Game 4 - Ryan Simister (Warriors) 9-11 loss
This game was a variation of the watchtower and whoever ended up holding the tower could achieve at worst an 11-9 win!  This game in points ended up being a draw.
Ryan was also another really nice guy who I enjoyed playing against immensely (nothing really sinister about those Simister brothers!).
Ryan managed to get a block of chaos warriors into the tower...needless to say couldn't get them out.... here's why...
Lordy and bus (after some careful maneuvering and blocking managed to kill, all the chaos knights, his bsb, his lord, his chariots and his Dragon ogres....all that was left in the bus after that was Lordy, thrally and one Black Knight.....anyway his wizard total powers a spell (and didn't go down hole!) and does 9 strength 8 hits against him and his Lordy has to make another 3 ward saves at 4+.....AND SURE ENOUGH HE FAILS THEM this stage I'm feeling a little like a Warhammer Pariah!
So yeah couldn't get Lordy in to finish off the Warriors in the tower....Skellie bus with wraiths tried hard but just couldn't do it.
Still an absolute bloodbath and a great game against the eventual winner.  Lordy down 4 times in a row..... sigh....

I only took this solitary photo of the game...end of day one and 4 games in the day I was knackered and forgot to take some...however the Chaos forces you can see was all that was left in Ryan's army, and four chaos warriors left!

Game 5 - Nick Irvine (Woodies) 9-11 loss
Once again an annoying match up for me...hard for me to get a lot of points with all his chaff....I felt that I successfully corralled his army into one corner and blocked moonstone of the hidden ways successfully with other units, but Nick is a great woodies player and wouldn't let me pick up the points that I required.

One fleeing dryad was left alive denying me a draw!  Was a really great game though and Nick is a super nice guy with a beautifully painted army too!  Positives: Lordy didn't die!

Autumnal Woodies

Deadites on the March

Game 6 - Paul Dalton "AKA Shrek" (Ogres) 2-18 loss

Going into this game I was sitting 5th on the table and a big win would secure me a podium.  I really didn't want to play this list as it had the Hell heart and would spell doom for my bus.
Any way I played fucking awesomely until about turn 4.  I successfully chaffed up his block, killing his surrounding units, and I raised huge units of dogs and zombies and kept the bus back...
Well come turn 4 I worked out I was sitting on a 13-7 or 14-6 I said to Paul "look I usually wouldn't do this but I'm going to charge your gutstar with my bus, I've trekked down to the Tron and I'm going to make the most of it"  I thought to myself fuck it I'm due a bit of luck and if I 20 zip him I could get 1st or 2nd place.  So instead of chaffing him up some more and moving the bus back I charged in (triple charged him too!).
Short story short.  Hell Heart activated, all three of my vamps roll 4 or less on the miscast table!  Lordy goes down the hole again!  Thrall number 2 goes down the hole.  And thrall number one takes a wound and then dies in combat.  All my black knights blow up.

raising 'em doggies!

Lordy I love you so much I didn't mean for you to die 5/6 times....guess you'll just be raised back again someday....

Photo shy Shrek aka Paul Dalton takes 3rd!

Richard Barby takes 2nd - well done bud!

Genuine nice guys the Simister's - brothers in arms!

1st place Ryan Simister - THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

EDIT: Well done to Nerdyman David Wilson taking out 3rd place in the 40k comp!  Awesome work mate!


  1. Heh, that's some horrible luck mate. I too get the 'I'm due some luck surely' syndrome too, and most often it just reinforces whatever miserable streak I happen to be on.

    Good on ya Ryan!!

  2. Happy to help out with beds, man. I could have done with self-destructing VC lords amongst my opponents though (looking at you, Lister...).


  3. Nice photos Rory. Saving your luck for this weekend

    1. Currently burning a sacrifice to the Warhammer Gods....Lord Jervis Johnson is disappointed that I couldn't take a Vampire Lord, with only one magic level, Gambler's armour, Luckstone, Shield,Summon Creatures of the Night and the Biting Blade.

  4. Nice photos as per usually Rory. I feel you on the luck front. I abandoned Adam in Te Kuiti and damned his soul to eternal damnation in an attempt to appease the gods.

    1. Ha ha you could have just left him in Hamilton if you wanted to eternally damn him lol!