Sunday, 3 February 2013

Weekend hobby round up...

This weekend my gaming group finished the last quest from the initial pack in the base Hero Quest.  Beating up the Witch Lord the first time around turned out to be pretty breezy for the adventurers.  However, the penultimate quest (Quest for the Spirit Blade) turned out to be much tougher with Mark's wizard "Marko-tep" falling to an orc cleaver to the face.
This is where I decided to make a game masters call, that was if a hero could get to Marko-tep's body before a monster, they could carry him through the rest of the quest (at minus 1 defense die) and resurrect him at the end of the adventure for 500gp at the nearest temple of Morr!  Later, I also made one more caveat that an adventurer can only be resurrected once per quest book (due to the limited availability of priests in the Borderlands).
Needless to say Marko-tep was successfully resurrected and all was right in the world.
As an interesting aside, here is a letter from one of the original Hero Quest artists Les Edwards written in reply to Carl @ "Old Scratch's Hero Quest Forum":

Hi Carl

I've finally got round to answering your email.
 I've been racking my brains to think of something interesting to say about Heroquest and I was talking with some hard core gamers at the weekend who remembered it with some affection.
I'm not a gamer myself ( although I do quite enjoy the miniatures ) so I've never played Heroquest.  My impression was that it was aimed at a younger age group than Games Workshop customers.

I was doing work for Workshop on a regular basis and I suppose they recommended me when they began to work with Hasbro games.  Hasbro were and are, a much bigger company than GW and were very demanding.  I guess I must have done 3 or 4 roughs for each job because they were so determined to get everything just so.
Of course, the characters were designed by, or with, GW and  probably the most interesting thing that happened was that GW sent me some large scale sculptures of some of the main characters.  They were only preliminary ideas, sort of 3D sketches really, but quite fun to have around the place and useful as reference.  Unfortunately they were made from plasticene sealed with some kind of varnish and disintegrated over time, so I don't have them any more.
I forget exactly how many pieces I painted for Heroquest and it's add-ons. I know here were several box tops but the illustrations got used in various guises as the game expanded. Hasbro bought full copyright, so they could use the pictures as the wished and, of course this meant that I couldn't use the paintings for any thing else, including supplying prints.  A while ago we asked Hasbro if we could borrow the artwork for an exhibition, but they refused for reasons best known to themselves.  I guess the pictures are stored in a vault somewhere or on some exec's office wall.  It would be nice to have them and I know there are collectors who would be interested but I got very well paid at the time so I can't complain.  I've got a feeling they'll turn up on ebay one day.

A while after I did Heroquest I stopped working for Games Workshop and have only occasionally done any gaming related work since.  One called Mutant Chronicles which I've never seen ( sort of Alien meets Clive Barker ) and more  recently some covers for the reissued Fighting Fantasy books.
I guess my favourite memory about Heroquest is that it appeared in Coronation Street, on a shelf in the Kabin.  Fame!


Here's some photo's (WARNING SPOILER ALERT)

My Mummy!

Returning to the Witch Lords tomb only to find it empty!

Die zombie die!

"I've got a sweet throne and a loincloth - and you can only kill me with the spirit blade!  Badass!

Something smells funny?

You look like your friend I saw in the hallway!

Marko-tep the Risen fucked up so many of the Witch Lords minions - epic

Spirit Blade to the face = win!

I also have finished a full Bad Moons clan with Nobz, Bone Breaker tanks and one super heavy.  James and me are working towards 3000 point lists as follows:

Evil Sunz Clan - 600 points
Kult of Speed - 400 points
Free Booterz - Free
Gretchin mob - Free
Mad Mob - Free
Weird Boy Battle Tower - 200
Killer Kan Mob - 100
Doom Diver Anti-aircraft Magna Kannon - 50
Bone Breaker Squadron - 150
Spleenripper Squadron - 100
MekBoy Gargant - 450
MekBoy Dragster - 100 
Bad Moon Clan - 600 points
Stompers Mob - 250   
Total – 3000

Tactical Company, 750 points
Death Company, 100 points
Land Raider Company, 700 points
2 Thunderhawk gunships, 200 points
Sanguinary Priest, 100 points 
Vindicator Squadron 150 points
Land Speeder Squad 200 points
Bike Squad 150 points
Reaver Titan 300 points
Devastator Detachment 350 points
Total - 3000


Da boyz

Gibblet Grinder back right
Bad Moon Bone Breaker squadron
That's it for the weekend folks....forthcoming is....Over the Top in Hamilton....I decided to enter it spare of the moment with a friend of mine who will be participating in his virgin tournament.  Will be nice to pop his cherry and to see what the Tron has to offer.  Rest assured I will regale you with tales and banter plus photo's from New Zealand's cow capital!  Bye for now!


  1. Awesome on the Heroquest. I've run my kids through the first book in the past 4-5 months. They love it.

    1. That's so cool man! HQ is a great way to introduce or reintroduce people to the concept of fantasy board gaming! My Quest group consists of my girlfriend Kat and friend Mark, Mark is an experienced D&D player and Kat is new to wargaming but loves fantasy and sci-fi films so is really loving it.

      I mentioned on an earlier post a site called Heroscribe (you may already know of this site but I thought I'd plug it anyway because it's awesome)
      You can down-load a programme here that allows you to design your own quests....would be great for your kids, let their imaginations go wild a design some cool adventures!

    2. Yeah I've seen the heroscribe stuff as well. I have the base book and kellar's keep campaigns. We're now on a D&D lite campaign with all of them and my wife. They're loving it.