Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mission complete...

Hey folks it's been a while since I last posted, but I've just returned from my assassination mission of Margaret Thatcher.  It's taken me the last month of careful planning to make it look like natural causes.  It was always my goal to return The Wizard of Oz's "Ding-dong the Witch is dead" to its rightful number one status....

....anyway, seriously I've had the month from hell, moved house (week and a half ago), work has been really busy and I haven't even done anything ALL! *sniff*.

However, I have been following all of your blogs and keeping up with the latest in gaming news.

The League of Extraordinary Nerdymen have grown in strength and we are looking forward to coming to a tournament near you soon!

Furthermore I would just like to show off my latest purchase - a display case!  Probably the best thing that has happened to my hobby in a while!  Not only are my miniatures on display dust free, they are also a reminder of what a pathetic, unworthy cunt that I am for not painting my all my miniatures.  This must happen.  Before I leave you with some shots I thought I'd give you a heads-up on a few things...

1. The League of Extraordinary Nerdymen will be presenting its first tournament, it will be a one-dayer at the Blockhouse Bay community centre (venue booked and paid for) 18th August, Sunday - 3 systems WFB, WM, 40k, 5 games and reduced points.  Pack and tournament description to follow, so stay posted.

2. I will be blogging about paint scores and I have seen the light...and some of you need to see the light too....bathe in it and realise it makes our hobby greater.

3. Gaming health issues, or health issues with gamers...something I've thought about for a while and I will be taking inspiration from another source to recreate a NZ version...

Here's some pictures....

The case!


....even closer....some of my Empire

Shit everywhere...when having too much gaming stuff drains your life instead of adding to it!

Hobby blocker....a post-move garage...

Bye for now folks and I hope to post soon!


  1. ZOMG 3 copies of Heroquest!!!

    1.'s one of my many gaming addictions...about to acquire another two sets...

    2. So Rory... tell me more about the security systems in place at your new home... any times you are out of the house I should know about? ;P

      Seriously jelly.

    3. It's guarded by a pack of attack dogs and a cadre of should play in some tournaments some time soon and stay at mine, then you can get your hands over some real vintage minis!

  2. I like the display case mate and you have unhealthy amount of toys. I'm jealous

  3. Top effort Rory.
    Case looks good
    2 sets of Man'o'war = nice
    But the diet book?

    1. Yeah it's a hang over from my vegan days....but they are now over as I'm back power lifting....

  4. Very nice mate. Also you can't direct a stomp or thunder stomp against a character in a unit. Page 7 of FAQ.

    1. are a legend. When are you coming up to Aucks next?

    2. I can't bro. Got a pass for masters in Hamilton if I qualify though.