Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Hey possums The League of Extraordinary Nerdymen are pleased to announce our inaugural tournament.  It is a one-day affair on the 18th of August.  It is designed to appeal to the gamer who would like to experience a regular tournament but often can't due to family or work commitments.  It will be a big day and from the Hammer and 40k perspectives it will consist of 5 games at reduced points.  The packs will be available this coming Monday. 
Warmachine is being organised and T.O'd by Damian Caulfield and you can find the thread for that here:

I will be TO for Fantasy and Christian Pride for 40k.  The venue will be at the Blockhouse Bay Community Centre, nestled in a nice community with lots of food and amenities within 100m.

So stay tuned for the pack and further details.



  1. Two events in Auckland on same day?

    1. I wasn't aware of another tournament on the 18th of August....maybe another around mid-August?
      Anyway, if you click on the Thrallblacks link you will see we've been in the planning stage since April and I have booked and paid for the hall (of which I am a committee member) so there will be no sudden change of venue - which is always nice!

    2. I was just pointing it out Rory, in case you weren't aware. Obviously you were and on top of it.

      Note to self: Stay away from Auckland wargaming politics :-)

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    4. There is no published date for a tournament during the 18th of August, I actually don't know what you are talking about (unless someone actually has given you an official date? If so please don't be obtuse.)??

      And the last comment even if it's in jest is not appreciated man, we want to stay away from those rumours/pointless discussion - for the record there is no politics in Auckland wargaming anymore. At least not from me or other Nerdymen.

    5. The Dunnmeister is probably referring to this, Rorius;


      I will try to make it to this. I have most of an army to re-paint before then though, and I am quite slow. I don't want to turn up with a mish-mash! It wouldn't feel right next to the likes of yourself and G.Fry.

    6. 'This' meaning Nerdycon, rather than Tempest. Long overdue some Nerdymans games.

    7. Mate it would be awesome if you could make it. Without giving too much away it's going to be 1400 points and a departure from the 20-0 gaming system that only encourages people to smash their opponents. It [the pack] will also reward painting, you my friend will have no trouble in that department of this I'm sure!

    8. Henry and are are in the final testing stages of the pack and it'll be released on the 27/05/2013.

    9. 1400! That's 1000 points less than 2400! That is doable.

  2. The whole flavour and theme of the event is something different and a departure from the usual game sizes and tourney format. The aim of the day is to literally roll some dice, have some fun and kill your peers on the field of battle.

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Nick it's coming....I blame my off-sider for the delay. Henry and I were meant to do the finishing touches on Sunday but he decided to spend the day with his girlfriend! Ewwwww!
      They will definitely be out this weekend for perusal!