Monday, 17 June 2013

Epic update: Orky goodness...

Hey folks,
It's been a while since I've done a purely hobby based update - so here goes!
I've been beavering away with my Epic Orks, getting really inspired along with my Epic cohort James Brown and some old school Epic gamers from the Nerdymen.  I've also made some massive purchases of Epic stuff off Trade Me, and since the running down of GW's Specialist games I am desperately hunting down Epic items.  Please post below or PM me if you have any Epic goodies lying unloved in a box somewhere in the deep recesses of your garage.  Looking for any of the old school Chaos stuff, like Brass Scorpions, Deathdealers etc....

Anyway, here is a 3000 point army that I'm working through at the moment: (NetEpic Rules)

Bad Moon Clan - 600 points
Evil Sunz Clan - 600 points
Kult of Speed - 400 points
Free Booterz - Free
Gretchin mob - Free
Mad Mob - Free
Weird Boy Battle Tower - 200
Killer Kan Mob - 100
Doom Diver Anti-aircraft Magna Kannon - 50
Bone Breaker Squadron - 150
Spleenripper Squadron - 100
MekBoy Gargant - 450
MekBoy Dragster - 100
Stompers Mob - 250
Total – 3000

I've done my Badmoon clan, most of the Kult of Speed, the Bone Breakers and some Stompers....once I've broken the back of the Evil Sunz all the smaller items will be completed in quick succession.  That's one of the fun things about painting Epic is the varied and interesting units.

Newly completed Warbuggies for my Kult of Speed

Love the Old School models

Set up a little diorama - one of Epic's greatest attributes is its cinematic awesomeness (and its fantastic rules set)

Swarming out of an Ork fortress to meet the enemy!

One of my Stompers up close - I ripped off this scheme from some guy on the net. Kudos to you if you ever stumble across this.  I want all my superheavies and gargants to look like big rusty, threating behemoths with lots of bold angry colours.
 Well that's all folks from the hobby desk.  Just an aside, Nerdycon is shaping up to be a fantastic little tournament - I'll be posting some more feedback on that soon.
Good luck to all the League of Extraordinary Nerdymen at the Horned Gobbo tourney, may your Holy crusade reap us rewards and enlighten the heathens!  All other nerds are shit!

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