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Nerdycon – 2013 40K Players Pack
Tournament Organiser: David Wilson
Sunday 18 August - 1000 points - Blockhouse Bay Community Centre
Welcome to the first (of hopefully many) Nerdycon.
Nerdycon is a one day tournament where we hope to provide you an opportunity to play a more relaxed tournament where all aspects of the hobby are given an opportunity to shine. I intend to provide for you a tournament where you have the opportunity to run those cool models which often end up sitting on the back of your shelf or in the cupboard.
The Format
Nerdycon scoring is divided evenly between battle points, hobby points and “sports/awesomeness” points. Only those who excel in all these domains deserve to be crowned 40K Nerdycon Champion!
Army Composition
Nerdycon is a one day 1000 point Warhammer 40k tournament which uses an alternate force organisation chart as across. All codexes released prior to 18 July and their related FAQs can be used.
In addition the following restrictions apply:
·         No fliers or flying monstrous creatures may be taken
·         Non-troop and non-transport vehicles cannot be taken as multiples. (i.e. you can take 2 units of tactical marines in rhinos, but cannot take two predators, or two librarians, etc.)
This alternate force organisation chart intends to help give the feel of two reconnaissance forces running into each other and the resulting skirmish that ensues.
Lists are due by 5 August and should be submitted in either word or excel. Your list should include a short background for your army (see the Hobby section below)

The day will consist of four 1000 point games. Missions will not be “as per rulebook” but will instead incorporate elements not traditionally seen at tournaments like attackers and defenders plus more. It is well worth bearing this in mind when writing your army lists. Missions will be announced at the start of each round. (The best generals make decisions that shape their victory in an instant!).
In this tournament not only be battling for your opportunity to win your the tournament yourself, but prior to the first round players will be randomly allocated to a team. These teams will affect who you play against and put you in with the chance to win the team prize.

Hobby will be scored out of 45 points. This category includes painting scores (see last page for painting checklist) and the following additional criteria. There are more than 45 points on offer so don’t worry if you don’t score full in some aspects. A fully painted army with named characters and a short bit of army back ground should score full points.
·         Army background – up to 10 points (One page maximum.)
o   A short simple background to the army (1 paragraph will earn 5 points)
·         Named Units/Characters (points listed are a guide)
o   All units/characters named (as appropriate to army) – 5 points
o   Significant units/characters in army – 3 points
Sports / Awesomeness
Scoring will be based upon a simple pass/fail system. Essentially at the end of each game ask yourself "Did my opponent's attitude and/or behaviour make the game a pleasant experience, overall?" This should be based upon your opponents behaviour, not their army or whether you won or loss etc. I anticipate most if not all games should be getting a pass grade. Any fail grades will need to be discussed with the TO. IN addition at the end of the tournament you will be asked to vote for and rank your favourite two opponents.
These votes combined with pass/fail scores will determine the sportsman ship award.
Details and Registration
The event will be held at the BLOCKHOUSE BAY COMMUNITY CENTRE:
·         524 Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay - http://www.bhbaycommunitycentre.co.nz/
·         There are plenty of amenities close to the hall, nice kebabs next door and two takeaways, sushi, cafes and a supermarket within 100m of the venue.
·         Email any enquiries and registration to: nerdycon2013@gmail.com
·         $20 entry fee (bonus sport/awesomeness point if received by July 18th)
·         Direct deposit to:
-          Rory Finnemore
-          ASB
-          Bank Acc# 12-3080-0076921-50
-          Limited to 20 players.
·         Doors open, registration and debrief: 8 to 8:30
·         Round 1:              8:30 am to 10:15 am
·         Round 2:              10:30 am to 12:15 am
·         LUNCH:                                12:15 pm to 1:00 pm (will include army parade)
·         Round 3:              1:00 pm to 2:45 pm
·         Round 4:              3:00 pm to 4:45 pm
·         Pack up and Prize giving ASAP at end of last round. Aim to be completed by 6.
Prizes will be awarded for 1st overall, 1st in battle, 1st in hobby and 1st in Sport/awesomeness. With additional awards / spot prizes depending on support from our sponsors.
Army is fully painted, but only to the three-color standard of basecoating.          or
10 points
Army is beyond fully painted, additional steps beyond the three-color standard.
15 points
Detail - Check All That Apply to Bulk (80%+) of Army
Painting is Uniform: Not a mix of schemes, styles, and looks.
1 point
Clean Basecoat Colors: Base colors are painted neatly.
1 point
Details: Details are painted such as eyes, buckles, and jewelry.
1 point
Clean Details: Details are painted well (clean, have highlights).
2 points
Hand-Painted Details: Details (that are well executed) have been added such as unit markings, banner artwork, blood marks, dirt on cloaks, etc.
2 points
Artistic: Banners, markings, and details are hand painted to an incredible degree!
2 points
Discernable Highlights/Shading: Drybrushing, lining, shading, inking, etc. (not required to be clean)
1 point
Clean Highlights: Lines are neat, drybrushing is appropriate; inking is controlled and not sloppy.
2 points
Layers of Highlights: More than one layer of highlight, which may include shading, highlights over inking, blending, etc.
2 points
Beyond Basics: Highlights have been blended, shaded, or layered well - beyond the basic highlighting techniques of drybrusing and inking.
2 points
Masterful Blending: Highlights have been masterfully blended, shaded, or layered.
2 points
Overall Appearance: Overall appearance is amazing! Everything works great together to create an awesome scene.
2 points
Basing (worth up to 5 points) - Check all that apply to bulk (80%+) of army.
Based/Detailed: Bases have basing materials (flock/sand/tiles) or details painted on them.
1 point
Extra Basing: The bases have multiple basing materials (rocks/grass), extra details painted on them (cracks in tiles), or if extra basing is inappropriate, basing is done very well (eg. rolling desert dunes).
1 point
Highlights: Bases have highlighting (shading/drybrushing).
1 point
Special details: There are extra details on the larger bases (helmets, skulls, animals, building rubble, etc.)
2 points
Conversions (Worth up to 4 points)
Minimal: The army has some elementary conversions (head and weapon swaps, arm rotations) or a couple interesting swaps.
1 point
Minor: Units have multi-kit conversions including head and weapon swaps. This is for more than a few models such as a unit.
2 points
Major: The army has some difficult conversions that use things such as putty, plastic card, drilling, sawing, minor sculpts, etc. This could also apply to the entire army having very well done multi-kit conversions (see above)
3 points
Extreme: The army has some extreme conversions, which could be: a scratch built conversion or sculpt of an entire model, a large amount of models with difficult conversions (see above), or the entire army is extremely converted
4 points
Other (worth up to 2 points) - Check all that apply to bulk (80%+) of army.
Display Base: Basic based & highlighted or detailed display base.
1 point
Something Special: There is something above and beyond about a model's painting, the display base, a conversion, or the basing (eg. movement trays are based/highlighted).
1 point


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