Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hi there folks, as you well know NerdyCon 2013 is a little under a month away and we have a full house across all the systems (bar 40k that has one or two places left).

Anyway here are the final fantasy participants.  You may note that there are 21 participants when we have a cap of 20.  Well, this is because Paul Clarke's rugby league team could make the finals on the Sunday and he may have to pull out (could be likely as he coaches a Mt Albert team).  However, in the event that this doesn't happen, Henry will step aside and help with the running of the tournament on the day.

1. Michael Youngs
2. Ross Collet
3. Graeme Fry
4. Henry Poor
5. James Brown
6. Dan Butler
7. Sean Robertson
8. Aaron Peters
9. Paul Clarke
10. Logan Harris
11. Brian Smith
12. Tim Lind
13. James Page
14. Darren Butler
15. James Cardno
16. Nick Munn
17. Kelly Gragg
18. Sean Wilde
19. Paul Davison
20. Rob Sadler
21. John Willenbruch

Awesome trophy in the process of being crafted (not mounted yet) - trophies such as this will be up for grabs across all systems
Now, Fantasy players I have sent out the army list template (hijacked and slightly modified Pete Dunn template).  This is due on the evening (before midnight) of the 8th of August.

If you haven't for what ever reason, not received a players pack or a list template then please email me
If you have any additional questions also direct them to the above email address.

Lastly you may have noticed that there is no mention of Fozziks Folding Fortress...well this is because you can take it if you so desire.  However, there is one caveat being that the foot print be no larger than six inches by six inches. 

Thanks folks,


Sunday, 21 July 2013

First game of Epic in 16 years!

Well there's been a lot of chat on my blog about Epic recently and today I played my first game of Epic in sixteen years!  It was against my mate Jim Brown who was playing Blood Angels and I Space Orks.  We used the NetEpic rules set 5.0 (basically SM2) and it was fucking awesome!
It was so tactical and the game was over in two turns as Jim manged to sneak a few more objectives in - passing the threshold for victory.
If I only had one more turn I was was about to really grind him down, as his units were fairly decimated!
Our units weren't completely painted and we ended up using some unpainted stuff and some other stuff that needs to be stripped and repainted - but this certainly has given me the impetus and inspiration to paint more!
Here's what was in our armies...

Bad Moon Clan
Evil Sunz Clan
Kult of Speed
Free Booterz
Gretchin mob
Mad Mob
Weird Boy Battle Tower
Killer Kan Mob
Doom Diver Anti-aircraft Magna Kannon
Bone Breaker Squadron
Spleenripper Squadron
MekBoy Gargant
MekBoy Dragster
Stompers Mob
Total – 3000

Tactical Company
Death Company
Land Raider Company
Whirlwind detachment
Sanguinary Priest
Vindicator Squadron 
Land Speeder Squad
Bike Squad
Reaver Titan
Devastator Detachment 

Setting up - battle field left.

Important combat around an objective, my Evil Sunz clan vs Space marine detachment, Bike squad and Death company - outcome in later photo!

Looking down the battlefield - in the foreground my Freebooterz sitting on an objective, poorly deployed in the first turn not doing much!

Bad Moon clan advancing in the battlefield centre with the protection of the Mek Boy dragster! With stomper mob and killa kans in support. Two whirlwind hits were deflected off the Bad moon clan using the dragster huzzah! They really needed some battle wagons to get them in range thus making use of their devastating firepower - in turn 2 they managed to strip the shields off the reaver titan and getting one hit which in the end went wide!

My Kult of speed contesting the hill objective - they managed to wipe out the vidicator squadron and the tactical detachment but Jim sneaked his land raider HQ in to steal the objective costing me the game!

Same picture as before but an over head shot.

Bone Breaker squadron on extreme left flank - the blurry shape in the distant left is the land raider HQ which they didn't manage to kill!

My mekboy gargant - managed to wipe out most of the land raider company by himself with the aid of the stomper mob! The killa cans were eventually wiped out in a combination of shooting and close combat!

Pre-big scrum around objective on the left flank!

Huzzah! Evil Sunz wipe out the bike squad, most of the tactical detachment, two land raiders and beat off the death company (with some really good rolling on my part and some shit rolling from Jim)...unfortunately Jim had enough stands to hold that crucial objective!

My Bad Moonz with the stomper the end of turn two I had lost a stomper and had two damaged (red tokens). I hadn't lost any Bad Moon Boyz but like I said before I needed them in battle wagons to contest the middle objective in turn one! The distant red pile is Jim's "deadpile".

Drat! The final play of the game....the Kult of Speed did so well but not enough to stop the land raider HQ from taking the objective!

Well there you have it folks, our first game!  So fucking tactical, so many ebbs and flows throughout the game - alternating movement and shooting is so fucking cool, you really have to think into the future as to how the turn may play out.  The tactical scope for this game is simply out standing. About 5x better than Warhammer - easily!

Really buzzing after this game.  Can't wait to show you some new painted units.

Long live EPIC!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

For Minitrol...

...If you go to the gym (or know someone who does)...this will make sense.  If it doesn't just nod sagely at your computer screen....


Epic 40k: Imperial Praetorian!

The first Praetorian that I've painted for my Imperial Epic forces (not that great the photos but keen to show some progress).
I've also been gluing the 1000's of guards men into their stands very labourious work (at the end of the day it's all procrastination - need to finish my Kult of Speed!).

I've also been purchasing up a storm in regards to my Epic terrain.  I have bought the Dropzone Commander City Scape from an Aussie company Defiant Gaming
This works out to be way cheaper than buying direct from Hawk games in the U.K.

And these eleven ruined factory buildings from Gamecraft Miniatures at a very reasonable price...they also have a great shipping ethos, they charge you a flat rate of $20USD and refund you the balance if it's cheaper (which I think is a very nice touch).

Long live Epic!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The day I learned how to cast my own miniatures!


I can do it.  It's actually pretty easy if you're methodical and have put in some prep organisation for your work area!

Whilst this has definitely been done by gamers in NZ (including the Nerdymen), I definitely don't believe that it has been expressed to its full potential.

The casting material I used is from Topmark Products in Auckland 
It's best to give Topmark a ring and explain to them that you are a wargamer and they'll send you a full kit for the molds and the casts for $30-40 dollars.

The reason I have explored casting my own models is I procured two stormblade super heavy tanks without their main guns.  But now I can see the potential to cast rare models like the Capitol Imperialis and other rare titan pieces (PM me if you have an unmade Capitol Imperialis!).

Anyway here's some photos of the process, it only took 1.5 hours with about 20 mins of actual work (the rest is curing time). So to reproduce another gun now that I have the mold should only take 30 mins.

Initial pour. This surface is then brushed lightly with some linseed oil.

The second pour (with putty framing)

The complete mold pre-cast. I brushed outside of the imprint with linseed oil for ease of separation (this is most important). I also dimpled the outside with a paint brush (this helps to keep the mold in the correct position when casting).

Second cast is separated!

Just cleaned off the flashing.

Gun in place!  Some minor filing needs to be done to smooth some areas, but that will only take two minutes!

So there you have it folks!  Too easy!  Hopefully it has inspired some of you to take up casting!  Thanks for reading!