Thursday, 11 July 2013

Epic 40k: Imperial Praetorian!

The first Praetorian that I've painted for my Imperial Epic forces (not that great the photos but keen to show some progress).
I've also been gluing the 1000's of guards men into their stands very labourious work (at the end of the day it's all procrastination - need to finish my Kult of Speed!).

I've also been purchasing up a storm in regards to my Epic terrain.  I have bought the Dropzone Commander City Scape from an Aussie company Defiant Gaming
This works out to be way cheaper than buying direct from Hawk games in the U.K.

And these eleven ruined factory buildings from Gamecraft Miniatures at a very reasonable price...they also have a great shipping ethos, they charge you a flat rate of $20USD and refund you the balance if it's cheaper (which I think is a very nice touch).

Long live Epic!


  1. Ahhhhh the Leviathan next to the Colossus my FAVE epic war-machine nothing like transportation of a berserker brotherhood in safety then pouncing with a combined attack from an Ancestor stand...

    Good times...

    1. I jive you man! When I can eventually lay my hands on a Capitol Imperialis then I'll be cooking with gas. One of those bad boys can pack two whole guardsmen companies! I'm going to make a meme for you man....hang a sec...

    2. I am giddy with anticipation or is that Lion Brown?

      Gonna dig through the leadpile now think I still have some Gyrocopters and a Leviathan myself!

  2. I found the Leviathan! The Collosses sadly is MIA