Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hi there folks, as you well know NerdyCon 2013 is a little under a month away and we have a full house across all the systems (bar 40k that has one or two places left).

Anyway here are the final fantasy participants.  You may note that there are 21 participants when we have a cap of 20.  Well, this is because Paul Clarke's rugby league team could make the finals on the Sunday and he may have to pull out (could be likely as he coaches a Mt Albert team).  However, in the event that this doesn't happen, Henry will step aside and help with the running of the tournament on the day.

1. Michael Youngs
2. Ross Collet
3. Graeme Fry
4. Henry Poor
5. James Brown
6. Dan Butler
7. Sean Robertson
8. Aaron Peters
9. Paul Clarke
10. Logan Harris
11. Brian Smith
12. Tim Lind
13. James Page
14. Darren Butler
15. James Cardno
16. Nick Munn
17. Kelly Gragg
18. Sean Wilde
19. Paul Davison
20. Rob Sadler
21. John Willenbruch

Awesome trophy in the process of being crafted (not mounted yet) - trophies such as this will be up for grabs across all systems
Now, Fantasy players I have sent out the army list template (hijacked and slightly modified Pete Dunn template).  This is due on the evening (before midnight) of the 8th of August.

If you haven't for what ever reason, not received a players pack or a list template then please email me
If you have any additional questions also direct them to the above email address.

Lastly you may have noticed that there is no mention of Fozziks Folding Fortress...well this is because you can take it if you so desire.  However, there is one caveat being that the foot print be no larger than six inches by six inches. 

Thanks folks,


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