Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The day I learned how to cast my own miniatures!


I can do it.  It's actually pretty easy if you're methodical and have put in some prep organisation for your work area!

Whilst this has definitely been done by gamers in NZ (including the Nerdymen), I definitely don't believe that it has been expressed to its full potential.

The casting material I used is from Topmark Products in Auckland http://www.topmark.co.nz/articlelive/ 
It's best to give Topmark a ring and explain to them that you are a wargamer and they'll send you a full kit for the molds and the casts for $30-40 dollars.

The reason I have explored casting my own models is I procured two stormblade super heavy tanks without their main guns.  But now I can see the potential to cast rare models like the Capitol Imperialis and other rare titan pieces (PM me if you have an unmade Capitol Imperialis!).

Anyway here's some photos of the process, it only took 1.5 hours with about 20 mins of actual work (the rest is curing time). So to reproduce another gun now that I have the mold should only take 30 mins.

Initial pour. This surface is then brushed lightly with some linseed oil.

The second pour (with putty framing)

The complete mold pre-cast. I brushed outside of the imprint with linseed oil for ease of separation (this is most important). I also dimpled the outside with a paint brush (this helps to keep the mold in the correct position when casting).

Second cast is separated!

Just cleaned off the flashing.

Gun in place!  Some minor filing needs to be done to smooth some areas, but that will only take two minutes!

So there you have it folks!  Too easy!  Hopefully it has inspired some of you to take up casting!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Is it resin? Where is the entry hole for the liquid to enter? WHERE?! Is it witchcraft!

    1. Ha ha! Yeah I know! I may have to cut one on larger pieces! I realised this mistake after I poured the second mold....so what I did was to let the resin cure for 1 min 30 secs before applying to the mold, this way it was a little more viscous and less likely to run out when I pressed the molds together. Also when I applied the resin I left it slightly proud in each mold.

      Seriously though the sky is the limit!

      Have you done castings yourself?

    2. In a former life before I became a crusader of the telephony career path I was an artist...so yes.