Sunday, 27 October 2013

Casting Update for Epic....

Hi folks, just a casting update.  I have just received some product from a new supplier called "The Fibreglass Shop" based in Hamilton.  They are a fantastic bunch of guys running a family business and they gave me a very good deal on the silicon molding agent.
If you are thinking of casting your own miniatures here's some links to the products required from The Fibreglass Shop store:

Casting resin
Molding clay
Measuring cups and mixing sticks

***Legal Disclaimer***
All the models that I cast I own. I reserve the full right to do as I will with any miniatures I have purchased, whether it be painting, converting, casting or reproducing. This is my right as I am the sole owner of the miniatures and all miniatures in my collection have not been sold to me under license. I have no intention of 'on-selling' any reproduced miniature. Information here is for educational purposes only.

Here's some photo's of rare titan pieces I have cast today.  I'm also casting some Rough Riders and Imperial robots.

Fire control centre and Deathstrike cannon

Getting ready for another pour!

Rough riders and Imperial Robot before the first silicon mold is poured.
 Feel free to PM me if you want any advice or tips.  Also have a look back through the blog for more indepth casting steps.

Coming up in the future I will be giving an indepth tutorial on how to cast vargheist/crypt horror bodies so you can make three Horrors and three Vargheists from each box!

Bye for now folks!

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