Sunday, 13 October 2013

Completed my first Epic IG tactical company....

Hey folks, another Epic update....really pleased with the results and just placing them up to share with you.

Adeptus Militaris!

Command Section

Commissar! (always loved these guys - so bad ass!)

The power of MEN!

On a side note I'm really looking forward to heading up to Wellington in two weeks for the Skitterleap tournament.  As I am going to the ETC next year representing Vamps, I've decided to don my sharp and pointy teeth for Skitterleap, as I feel for an event like the ETC I'll need at least 100 games under my belt. I'm starting with familiar territory taking my New Zealand Masters list from last year (only has a couple of tweaks with items, but pretty much the same) so if you can track down a copy you can see what I'm taking! This list will be a nice way to get back on the horse again - can't wait to head down!

Ciao for now folks!


  1. That looks like Bag-End out your window...

    Yay more epic! Looking fine. Not Really a fan of the grey base edges though but that's personal taste ;)

    I have dug through all my bitz and found *most* of three Gyrocopters, a Collosus, bits of a Cyclops and Leviathan. Totally going to have a fun time painting them up in gaudy green, red and gold.

    1. Yeah....I thought the same about the bases...I'm really sure what colour I should do the trim - I was thinking a swampy brown but the flock on the base is I'm not too sure....?

      Man that's awesome about the'll have to post some pics up on your blog! Have you got any squat infantry? There was a guy selling some Squat stuff on Trade Me about a month ago...I didn't have the cash at the time :(

      Yeah I live on the North Shore of Auckland and it is commonly referred to as the Shire by my friends and I. We also refer to the other side of the harbour bridge as Mordor!

    2. *sorry should have said "not really sure"....

    3. I forgot to subscribe to replies!

      LOL I guess in my head Auckland is an urban sprawl with a sky tower somewhere and a bridge and John Campbell...

      No infantry! Yeah I saw that listing but it was too rich for me got snapped up fast!

      Oh there will be pics! Tell you what when they're done I'll send them to you I'd love it if they can see action again.

  2. Looking good - the commisar is indeed badass. See you in Wellington! Will be good to see the vamps out again.

    1. Hi Ryan! What a re you running for Skitterleap bro?