Sunday, 15 December 2013

Epic game of Epic vs Chris J at the City Guard Club (Auckland)

Here's some shot's of our game. They will be narrated below the photo's. The game was truncated and had to finish before it reached the deciding moment (a group was using the hall after so we had to leave). Twas a shame because the game was in the balance the whole way through!

My Orks - Kult of Speed on my right, Bad Moonz in the centre and Evil Sunz to the left in their battle wagons protected by the dragster.

Khorne Chaos forces!

Evil thunderhawk unloads Beserkers onto the unsuspecting Kult of speed - doom diver magna cannon had a crack at it but missed (got it turn 2 though!).

Evil Sunz snatch another objective. Nobz protected by the deflector shield.

Lord of battle and the traitor Russ' can't get any shots through the shield!

Close up of the forest combat.

Warbuggies take a beating!!

Evil Sunz maneuvering around the objective to take up firing positions.

Weird Boy tower survives two shots from the Russ' needing 6's to save! Then unleashes hell on them in return (over 26 psychic points!) wiping them out.

Mekboy Gargant after blowing up a whole squad of Juggers goes in to rescue the objective from the Beserkers!

Juggers on the hunt.

Traitor Shadowsword in the distance cracking off shots.

Beastmen assualt the Evil Sunz - the big combat that never happened because we had to leave!

Badmoonz assuault the centre objective with the Chaos marine squad that had been decimated earlier on. This combat was never completed either :(

Mekboy Gargant hanging onto the objective....

Weird Boy tower valiantly hides in the last turn

Stompers out of range the whole game look longingly towards the Lord of Battle - next time!


  1. Cool stuff mate, any tips on how to pick epic up without paying an arm and a leg?

    1. Scry Trade Me regularly....bits and pieces crop up every now and again. Some ebay stuff can go for really cheap too. The main thing is that I'm no longer in the business of parting with any more money for NZ Epic sales - that means demand will decrease by 100%.
      Also keep an eye on the South Island Wargaming forum, they are like the last bastion of Epic players - just picked up two massive armies off there.
      Also casting your own mini's for epic is fairly easy as the miniatures are pretty simple.

  2. Plus the rules and templates are free...

  3. Nice miniatures. Specially like the Stompers.